When the Anime Character is About to Go Insane

There are moments in anime when the characters are pushed to their limits and go insane. It’s usually because they can’t take anymore of the crap that life has thrown at them. The pressure mounts until they finally snap and go on a rampage.

These moments are usually played for laughs, but sometimes they can be serious business. Here are some examples of when anime characters have gone insane.

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Anime characters about to go insane

We all know that feeling when we’re about to go insane. That overwhelming sense of impending doom, the feeling that everything is about to come crashing down around us. It’s a scary feeling, and one that we often try to push away or ignore.

But what happens when our favorite anime characters start to feel this way? What happens when they’re on the brink of insanity? There are a few possible outcomes, and none of them are particularly happy.

The character might lash out at those around them, harming themselves or others in the process. They might withdraw completely from the world, retreating into their own minds and shutting out everyone else. Or they could simply break down, becoming a shell of their former selves.

Whatever the outcome, it’s always heartbreaking to watch a character we love spiral into madness. It’s a reminder that even the strongest among us can be brought low by our own minds, and that sometimes there’s just nothing anyone can do to help.

The Camera Angle in Anime When a Character is About to Go Insane Reddit

When it comes to anime, one of the most important aspects is the camera angle. This is because the camera angle can really set the mood and tone for a scene. If a character is about to go insane, the camera angle can make this pretty clear to the viewer.

For example, if a character has a wide-eyed and crazed look, it’s pretty obvious that something isn’t right. The same goes for characters who have sweat dripping down their face or who are shaking uncontrollably. All of these things make it pretty clear that something bad is about to happen.

Anime Character Going Insane Gif

We all know the feeling: you’re just minding your own business, watching your favorite anime, when suddenly a character goes absolutely insane. Whether it’s because they’ve been possessed by a demon, or they’ve simply snapped after years of being pushed too far, it’s always a jarring moment. And what’s even more jarring is when that character is animated using gifs.

Gifs are becoming increasingly popular as a way to animate scenes from anime, and there are some truly amazing ones out there. But when it comes to characters going insane, nothing quite compares to the gifs that have been making the rounds lately. These gifs take scenes of characters losing their minds and loop them over and over again, making for an unsettling and often hilarious effect.

If you’re looking for a good laugh (or nightmare), then look no further than these 10 insane anime character gifs!

Insane Camera Angle Name

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Insane Anime

What is anime? Anime is a term used to describe a style of animation originating in Japan. What separates anime from other styles of animation is its focus on detailed art and complex stories.

Anime began in the early 20th century, when Japanese filmmakers started experimenting with the animation techniques that were being developed in the West. These early animators were heavily influenced by Western cartoons, and they quickly developed their own distinctive style. The first anime films were released in the 1920s, but it wasn’t until after World War II that the genre really took off.

In the 1950s, Osamu Tezuka created Astro Boy, which is often credited as being the first true anime series. From there, anime exploded in popularity, both within Japan and around the world. Today, there are hundreds of different anime titles available, ranging from action-packed adventure to heartwarming drama.

No matter what your interests are, there’s sure to be an anime out there for you!

What Causes Anime Characters to Go Insane

There are a few different things that can cause anime characters to go insane. One of the most common is simply being put in a stressful or overwhelming situation. This could be something like being trapped in a burning building, being constantly attacked by enemies, or having to witness the death of someone close to them.

Sometimes, characters will also go insane if they’re faced with something they can’t understand or wrap their mind around, such as learning about a loved one’s secret past. Other times, characters may start to go insane because of an underlying mental illness. In some cases this is explicitly shown, while in others it’s more implied through their behavior and actions.

For example, a character may become more withdrawn and paranoid over time, or they may have sudden outbursts of anger or violence. If a character has been through traumatic events in their life, this can also lead to them developing PTSD which can further contribute to their mental instability. In some cases, characters may go insane because they’ve been possessed by demons or other evil entities.

This is often shown through their eyes turning black and/or them starting to speak in tongues. Characters who are under the control of these dark forces will often do things that they would never normally do, such as harming innocent people or even killing those closest to them. Finally, there are also times when characters go insane due to exposure to dangerous chemicals or substances.

This could be something like inhaling toxic gas, drinking contaminated water, or coming into contact with radioactive materials. These sorts of exposures can cause all sorts of problems for the human body and mind which can eventually lead to insanity if not treated properly and quickly enough.

How Do You Know When an Anime Character is About to Go Insane

If you’re a fan of anime, then you know that there are certain tell-tale signs that a character is about to go insane. Here are some of the most common ones: 1. They Have A Wide-Eyed Stare: One of the most common signs that a character is about to go insane is when they have a wide-eyed stare.

This is usually accompanied by wild hair and an maniacal grin. 2. They Start Laughing Hysterically: Another common sign that a character is about to go insane is when they start laughing hysterically. This usually happens after they’ve done something particularly evil or diabolical.

3. Their Eyes Glaze Over: Another sign that a character is about to go insane is when their eyes glaze over and they become unresponsive to what’s going on around them. This usually happens just before they lose touch with reality completely and enter into a catatonic state.

What are Some of the Signs That an Anime Character is Going Insane

There are a few key signs that an anime character is going insane. The first and most obvious sign is if they start exhibiting erratic and violent behavior. If a normally calm and collected character suddenly starts lashing out or behaving erratically, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong.

Another sign of insanity is if a character starts seeing or hearing things that aren’t really there. This can be anything from visual hallucinations to hearing voices in their head. Finally, another telltale sign of someone going insane is if they start fixating on certain things or people to the point of obsession.

If a character becomes obsessed with harming someone or something, it’s definitely not a good sign.


In the anime world, there are characters who seem to be on the brink of insanity. They may have wild eyes, an erratic hairstyle, or a creepy smile. While these characteristics may make them seem unstable, they can also be incredibly intriguing.

Here are five anime characters who are about to go insane. 1. Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass Lelouch is a brilliant strategist and manipulator, but he’s also tormented by his dark past.

After his mother was killed and his sister was crippled in a terrorist attack, Lelouch was taken hostage by the enemy nation of Britannia. He eventually escaped and returned to Japan, where he assumed the identity of Zero. Under this alias, he led a resistance group called the Black Knights against Britannia.

But as the conflict dragged on, Lelouch became more and more obsessed with destroying Britannia. His actions became increasingly ruthless, and his mental state began to unravel. In the end, Lelouch sacrificed himself to save his sister and bring peace to the world.

2. Light Yagami from Death Note Light Yagami is another genius with a dark side. After finding a magical notebook that can kill people simply by writing their names in it, Light decides to use it to rid the world of criminals.

He becomes known as Kira and gains a following of devoted fans who believe that he’s making the world a better place. But as Kira’s body count rises, Light descends into madness. He becomes paranoid and delusional, seeing enemies everywhere he looks.

In the end, Light is consumed by his own ego and dies without ever achieving his goal of creating a perfect world free of crime.