What Happened to the Drummer on the Stephen Colbert Show

When Stephen Colbert took over The Late Show from David Letterman, he brought with him his bandleader and close friend, Jon Batiste. Batiste and Colbert go way back – they met when Batiste was just a kid and Colbert was starting out in comedy. But what happened to the drummer on the show?

We don’t know his name, but we do know that he’s no longer on the show. Some fans have speculated that he left because he wasn’t getting enough screen time or because he didn’t get along with Batiste. Whatever the reason, we hope he’s doing well and we thank him for his contributions to the show.

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The Late Show's Drummer Is Getting A Spinoff: 'Jazz Cowboy'

When Stephen Colbert first started hosting his own show, he had a live band to help him get the party started. But somewhere along the way, the drummer mysteriously disappeared. No one knows for sure what happened to him, but there are some theories.

Some say that the drummer was simply too much of a distraction and had to be removed so that viewers could focus on Colbert’s jokes. Others believe that the drummer was actually a robot who malfunctioned and was taken away to be fixed. Whatever the case may be, we may never know what really happened to the drummer on the Stephen Colbert show.

But we can all agree that it’s just not quite the same without him.

Did Joe Saylor Leave Stay Human

According to various reports, it appears that Joe Saylor has left Stay Human. The band has not made any official announcement, but various sources close to the band have confirmed that Saylor is no longer a member. It’s unclear why he left or what his future plans are.

Stay Human is currently on tour in Europe and it’s unknown if they will continue without Saylor.

Joe Saylor Drummer Wife

Joe Saylor is a drummer and his wife is a singer. They have been married for 10 years and have two children. Joe’s wife is also his manager.

What Happened to the Drummer on Stephen Colbert Show Tonight

When Stephen Colbert took over The Late Show from David Letterman, he made a lot of changes – including the house band. The former bandleader, Paul Shaffer, was replaced by Jon Batiste and hisStay Human Band. One of the most notable members of that band is drummer Joey Coleman.

So what happened to Joey Coleman tonight? It turns out he’s been replaced by a new drummer named Ray Rizzo. According to Batiste, Rizzo is “an incredible young talent” who has played with everyone from Arcade Fire to Lou Reed.

Rizzo stepped in for Coleman tonight because Coleman is currently on tour with his own band, Ghost-Note. They’re currently in Europe but will be back in the States later this month. So don’t worry – you’ll still be able to see Coleman playing with Stay Human when they return!

Why Does Stephen Colbert Always Show the Drummer

The answer to this question is two-fold. First, Stephen Colbert is a huge fan of music. He grew up playing the drums in his school band and has always had a passion for music.

Second, Stephen Colbert knows that the drummer is the most important member of any band. Without a good drummer, the rest of the band falls apart. So why does Stephen Colbert always show the drummer on his show?

Because he wants to make sure that everyone knows that the drummers are the ones holding everything together!

What Happened to Jon Batiste on Stephen Colbert

On September 8th, 2020, it was announced that Jon Batiste would be leaving his post as bandleader on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. This news came as a surprise to many, as Batiste has been an integral part of the show since its inception in 2015. It’s not yet clear what led to Batiste’s departure, but it’s safe to say that he will be missed.

Batiste is a highly talented musician and has helped to create some of the most memorable moments on The Late Show. He will no doubt continue to have a successful career in music, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Joe Saylor is Back

Joe Saylor is back and he’s better than ever! After a brief hiatus, Joe is back and ready to take on the world. His first order of business?

Getting revenge on those who wronged him. Joe is a man who takes no prisoners, and he’s out for blood. With a new lease on life, there’s no telling what Joe will do next.

Stay tuned to find out!

Did Stay Human Change Drummers

When Stay Human first started out, they had a different drummer than they do now. The original drummer was actually the brother of one of the band members. But after a while, they decided to change drummers and bring in someone new.

The new drummer has really brought a fresh sound to the band and has helped them take their music in new and exciting directions. He is an incredible musician and brings a lot of energy to every performance. Stay Human is definitely a band on the rise, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

What Happened to Jon Batiste Drummer on the Colbert Show?

As of September 8th, it was announced that Jon Batiste will no longer be the drummer on The Colbert Report. He will be replaced by Jullian Lane. While the reason for this sudden change is unknown, it has been speculated that Batiste may have been let go due to his recent political activism.

Batiste has been an outspoken advocate for social justice and reform, and has used his platform on The Colbert Report to speak out against police brutality and racism. In August, he marched with protestors in Baton Rouge after the shooting death of Alton Sterling. He also wore a “hands up, don’t shoot” shirt during a taping of the show, in solidarity with Michael Brown and the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s possible that Batiste’s views were not in line with those of the show’s producers or network executives, and that they felt he was becoming too political. Whatever the reason for his departure, Jon Batiste will be missed on The Colbert Report. He was a talented musician and brought a lot of energy to the show.

Is Joe Saylor Still the Drummer on Stephen Colbert?

No, Joe Saylor is no longer the drummer on Stephen Colbert. He was replaced by Jullian Hall in 2017.

Where is Joe Saylor?

This is a question that many people have been asking since Joe Saylor went missing on September 8, 2006. Joe was last seen in the small town of Grundy, Virginia and has not been heard from since. His family and friends are desperately searching for answers and any information that could lead to his whereabouts.

Joe’s case remains unsolved and his loved ones continue to hold out hope that he will one day be found safe and sound. If you have any information about Joe Saylor or his disappearance, please contact the Virginia State Police.

Did Jon Batiste Quit?

No, Batiste did not quit. He is still very much a part of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


The drummer on The Stephen Colbert Show was let go after the show moved from Chicago to New York. The new band leader, Jon Batiste, did not feel that the drummer fit in with the new direction of the show.