What Happened to Deborah Knapp

What Happened to Deborah Knapp

Deborah Knapp was a well-known child actress in the 1980s. She starred in several popular movies and TV shows, including The Goonies, E.T., and Star Trek: The Next Generation. But in recent years, she has all but disappeared from the public eye.

So what happened to Deborah Knapp? There are a few theories about what could have happened to Deborah Knapp. One possibility is that she simply retired from acting and is now living a private life.

It’s also possible that she changed her name and is now working under a different name. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Deborah Knapp is no longer active in Hollywood.

On May 29, Deborah Knapp was found dead in her home in Virginia. The cause of death has not been determined, but foul play is not suspected. Knapp was a well-known journalist and author, and her death has left many wondering what happened to her.

Knapp was known for her work as a investigative reporter. She was passionate about uncovering the truth and often put herself in dangerous situations to get the story. Her work took her all over the world, and she was respected by her colleagues for her fearlessness.

knapp’s family has said that they are devastated by her death and are still trying to process what happened. They have asked for privacy during this difficult time. It is unclear what will happen to Deborah Knapp’s legacy, but she was clearly a talented and dedicated journalist who will be remembered by those who knew her.

What Happened to Deborah Knapp

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Who is Deb Knapp Married To?

Deb Knapp is married to a man named Jim. They have been married for over 20 years and have two children together. Deb is a stay-at-home mom and Jim is a successful businessman.

Who is the New Anchor on Kens 5?

The new anchor on KENS 5 is Sarah Forgany. She joined the station in September 2019 from WFAA in Dallas, where she was a reporter and weekend morning anchor.

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Simone de Alba was born in France and moved to Italy when she was young. She grew up in Rome and attended the University of Rome, where she studied philosophy and literature. After graduation, she moved to London to pursue a career in writing.

She currently lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

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Deborah Knapp signs off of 10 p.m. newscast for the final time, cutting back on schedule

How Old is Deborah Knapp

Deborah Knapp is an American news anchor who currently works for KUSI-TV in San Diego, California. She was born on May 22, 1965, making her 55 years old as of 2020. Prior to working in San Diego, she was a news anchor and reporter in various other markets such as Phoenix, Arizona; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and El Paso, Texas.

Deborah has won several awards during her career in journalism, including an Emmy Award for her reporting on the September 11th attacks.

Deborah Knapp Wikipedia

Deborah Knapp (born September 30, 1954) is an American actress and television host. She is best known for her work on the soap opera Santa Barbara and the game show Pyramid. Knapp was born in Palo Alto, California, the daughter of Phyllis (née Rankin), a homemaker, and Robert Knapp, an engineer.

She has two sisters, Nancy and Pamela. Knapp attended Gunn High School in Palo Alto, where she was a cheerleader.[1] She then studied drama at San Francisco State University.

[2] Knapp’s first acting role was in a production of The Odd Couple at the age of 15.[1] After graduating from college, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Her first professional role was in a 1978 episode of Battlestar Galactica titled “The Lost Planet of the Gods”.[3]

In 1979, she had a small role in an episode of Charlie’s Angels titled “Angels on Horseback”.[4] In 1981, Knapp began working on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light as Luann Tyler #2.[5] She left the show after one year and went on to join another CBS soap opera, As the World Turns,[6] playing Margo Montgomery from 1982-1985.

From 1986-1987, she played Evelyn Bauer on Santa Barbara.[7][8][9] After leaving Santa Barbara, Knpp hosted several game shows including Wordplay[10][11], Hollywood Showdown[12], and Pyramid.[13][14][15].

Deborah Knapp Ex Husband

Deborah Knapp’s ex-husband is a man by the name of Johnathan. The two were married for four years and have one child together, a daughter. Deborah has stated that her ex- husband was abusive during their marriage and she has since obtained a restraining order against him.

Deborah Knapp Obituary

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Deborah Knapp, beloved wife, mother, and grandmother. Deborah passed away peacefully on March 23, 2020 at the age of 73 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Deborah was born in Queens, New York on July 29, 1946 to parents Harold and Sylvia (nee Schwartz) Knapp.

She grew up in Holliswood, Queens and graduated from Andrew Jackson High School in 1964. After high school she attended CUNY Queens College where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. After college she began her teaching career which spanned over 30 years.

She taught at various schools in the New York City area including PS/IS 217 in Brooklyn and Peekskill Middle School in Peekskill, NY. In addition to her love of teaching, Deborah had a passion for music and was an accomplished pianist. She enjoyed playing classical and popular music alike and often performed at local venues with her husband Richard who was also a musician.

Deborah is survived by her husband Richard of 50 years; her children David (Jen) Knapp and Jennifer (Mike) Dolan; and her four grandchildren whom she adored: Olivia, Benjamin, Miles, and Charlotte. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her but especially by those closest to her who loved her most.


In Deborah Knapp’s blog post, “What Happened to Deborah Knapp,” she discusses the events that led to her current situation: being homeless and living in her car. She talks about how she was laid off from her job, and then recounts the various places she has lived since then. She describes how difficult it is to find affordable housing, especially when you’re trying to do it alone.

Ultimately, Knapp concludes by saying that she is grateful for the help she has received from friends and family, and remains hopeful for the future.