What Does Anytime Touchdown Scorer Mean on Fanduel

what does anytime touchdown scorer mean on fanduel

In order to win at FanDuel, you need to score points. The Anytime Touchdown Scorer is a great way to do that. This is a player who scores a touchdown on any given play, regardless of when it happens in the game.

This can be a very valuable player to have on your team, as they can help you score points quickly and easily.

In football, a touchdown is worth six points. On FanDuel, anytime touchdown scorer refers to a player who scores a touchdown at any time during the game, regardless of when they were drafted. This can be a useful designation for players who are likely to score touchdowns but may not see a lot of playing time, such as backup running backs or tight ends.

It can also be used for players in high-scoring offenses. Who are likely to find the end zone multiple times in a game. Anytime touchdown scorer is one of several different scoring options on FanDuel. And it can be used to help create unique lineup combinations that have the potential to put up big points. When choosing this option for your players, be sure to consider their likelihood of actually scoring a touchdown. As well as their overall value in relation to other players at their position.

What Does Anytime Touchdown Scorer Mean on Fanduel

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Do Touchdowns Count for Anytime Touchdown Scorer Fanduel?

Yes, touchdowns do count for anytime touchdown scorer Fanduel. This is a great way to get points on the board and keep your team in the game. If you are looking to score a touchdown, you will want to make sure that you have a good play called and that you execute it well.

You can also check out our tips and tricks section for more information on how to score a touchdown.

What is Anytime Touchdown Bet?

An anytime touchdown bet is a type of wager in which the bettor predicts. That a team will score a touchdown at any time during the game, regardless of when it happens. This can be a very risky bet, as there is no guarantee that a team will actually score a touchdown during the course of the game. However, if the team does manage to score one or more touchdowns. The bettor stands to win a lot of money.

Does Anytime Touchdown Scorer Include Passing Touchdowns?

Yes, anytime touchdown scorer includes passing touchdowns. This is because the definition of a touchdown is a score that results from the ball. Being advanced into or caught in the end zone, which can be done via a pass. Therefore, any time a quarterback throws a touchdown pass, it will count as an anytime touchdown scorer.

What is a Anytime Scorer?

In basketball, an anytime scorer is a player who can score at any time. Whether it’s early in the game or late in the game. This type of player is someone who is always looking to score and is never afraid to take a shot. An anytime scorer is someone who can put up points in a hurry. And can be counted on to score when their team needs it the most.

This type of player typically has a high scoring average and is one of the go-to guys on their team. When the game is on the line, an anytime scorer is usually the one with the ball in their hands. Because they have the ability to make something happen offensively. There are many great players in today’s NBA who would be considered anytime scorers.

Players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant are all guys who can take over a game offensively and put up big numbers when their teams need them most. Anytime scorers are usually some of the best players in the league and are always exciting to watch because they have such an impact on the outcome of games.

Sports Betting 101: What’s an Anytime Touchdown?

Anytime Touchdown Scorer Passing Tds Not Included

In American football, the anytime touchdown scorer is a passing touchdown. That is not included in the quarterback’s total passing touchdowns for the season. This happens when the quarterback throws a touchdown pass to a receiver who then runs into the end zone for a score. The passer gets credit for the touchdown, but the receiver does not get credit for the reception or yardage.

What Does Anytime Touchdown Scorer Mean for Quarterback

In football, the anytime touchdown scorer is a quarterback. Who has the ability to score touchdowns at any time during the game. This means that they are not limited by field position or time on the clock. Anytime touchdown scorers are rare and highly sought after by teams.

They are often considered to be among the best quarterbacks in the league.

What Does Anytime Touchdown Scorer Mean on Draftkings

In Draftkings, the “Anytime Touchdown Scorer” (ATD) option allows you to select any player from a given slate of games and receive points for any touchdowns they score, regardless of when they score them. This is useful for players who may have a higher chance of scoring a touchdown than others, but who may not be as consistent week-to-week. It’s also helpful if you believe a particular player will have a big game and want to maximize your chances of getting points from them.

The downside to ATD is that it costs more than other options on Draftkings. For example, selecting Tom Brady as your quarterback will cost you $9,000 in salary cap space, while selecting him as your ATD will cost you $10,500. So it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of ATD before making your selection.

ultimately, though, Anytime Touchdown Scorer can be a valuable option on Draftkings if used correctly. Just make sure you do your homework first and pick players you believe have a good chance of finding the end zone!

Anytime Touchdown Scorer Monday Night Football

Anytime Touchdown Scorer Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is one of the most popular sporting events on television. And, anytime a team scores a touchdown during the game, the fans go wild. But, what if there was a way to score a touchdown every time?

Well, that’s exactly what Anytime Touchdown Scorer Monday Night Football does. It’s a new game that allows you to score a touchdown every time you touch the ball. Here’s how it works: each team gets two possessions.

The first possession is for the offense and they have four downs to score. If they don’t score on their first four downs, then they can punt or kick a field goal on their fifth down. But, if they do score on any of their first four downs, then they get an extra point and the ball goes back to the other team.

The second possession is for the defense and they have three downs to stop the offense from scoring. If they do stop them, then they get the ball back and can either punt or kick a field goal on their fourth down. But, if the offense scores on any of their first three downs, then it’s an automatic seven points for them and the game is over.

So far, Anytime Touchdown Scorer Monday Night Football has been a huge success. The fans love it because it’s always exciting and there are always touchdowns being scored. And, best of all, it’s completely free to play!

Anytime Touchdown Scorer


In fantasy football, an “anytime touchdown scorer” is a player who is likely to score a touchdown at any given moment. This can be a valuable asset in Fanduel, as it allows you to rack up points quickly. Anytime touchdown scorers are typically running backs or wide receivers, but any player can theoretically be an anytime touchdown scorer if they have the right matchup.

To find out which players are good anytime touchdown scorers, you’ll want to look at their past performances and see how often they’ve scored touchdowns. You can also use player projections to get an idea of which players are likely to score touchdowns in the future.