How to Craft a Sponge in Minecraft: Best 5 Tips

Sponge in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a sponge is a block that can absorb water. When placed in water, it will absorb the water around it, up to a radius of 4 blocks. This can be useful for clearing out areas of water, or for creating dry areas in wet biomes. Sponge in Minecraft:

To craft a sponge, you will need 1 wet sponge, 1 string, and 1 slimeball.

  • Collect the following materials: 1 water bucket, 1 lava bucket, 2 blocks of obsidian, and 1 block of wool
  • Place the obsidian blocks in a square on the ground
  • Right-click one of the obsidian blocks with the water bucket to fill it with water
  • Right-click the other obsidian block with the lava bucket to fill it with lava
  • Place the block of wool on top of one of the obsidian blocks (it doesn’t matter which)
  • Wait for a few seconds until the wool is fully cooked by the lava (you’ll see it turn dark gray)
  • Then quickly remove it from the lava before it catches fire! 7
  • Your sponge is now complete! To use it, simply right-click on any water source block with your sponge in hand to absorb all the water around it within a 4-block radius
How to Craft a Sponge in Minecraft


How Do I Get Sponges in Minecraft?

Sponges are one of the many blocks found in Minecraft. They can be found naturally occurring in oceans and on the sea floor. When mined with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch, they will drop themselves as an item.

If not mined with Silk Touch, they will instead drop wet sponge items. Sponges have several uses in Minecraft. When placed underwater, they will absorb it and then expel any water within a 4-block radius around them when broken (or when hit by an arrow).

This is useful for clearing out areas of water, such as swimming pools or ponds. Additionally, sponges can be used to create underwater breathing apparatus – simply place two sponges next to each other in the crafting grid to create an air pocket!

What Tool Do You Use to Make a Sponge in Minecraft?

When it comes to making a sponge in Minecraft, you’ll need to use a few tools in order to get the job done. For starters, you’ll need a crafting table which can be found in most villages or created by placing four wooden planks in a square shape. Next, you’ll need a bucket of water which can be collected from any source of water such as an ocean, river, or lake.

Finally, you’ll need some sand and gravel which can be found near any body of water. Once you have all of your materials gathered, open your crafting table and place the sand and gravel in the top two squares of the first column. Next, place the bucket of water in the middle square of the second column.

Finally, put your wood plank in the bottom square of the third column. This will create one sponge which can then be used to soak up water from any source block within a five-block radius.

What Tool Do You Use to Make a Sponge in Minecraft

How Do You Make a Dry Sponge in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a dry sponge is an item that can be used to absorb water. When placed on the ground, it will immediately start absorbing any water within a 5x5x5 area around it. A dry sponge can absorb up to 1,000 MB of water before it needs to be replaced.

To make a dry sponge in Minecraft, you will need: – 1 block of obsidian – 1 block of wool

First, gather the materials you’ll need for this recipe. You’ll need one obsidian block and one block of wool. Once you have these items, open your crafting table so that you have a 3×3 crafting grid to work with.

Place the obsidian in the middle slot of the grid and surround it with blocks of wool like so: Next, simply select the dry sponge from your crafting menu and drag it into your inventory. And that’s all there is to making a dry sponge in Minecraft!

How To Craft Sponge❓

How to Craft a Sponge in Minecraft Java

One of the most versatile blocks in Minecraft is the sponge. Sponges can be used for a variety of purposes, from cleaning up water to crafting comfortable beds. In this guide, we’ll show you how to craft a sponge in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac).

Sponges are crafted using three wet sponges, which can be collected by destroying underwater coral or killing dolphins. Once you have three wet sponges, simply arrange them on the crafting table like so: This will give you one dry sponge, which can then be used for a variety of purposes.

Here are some ideas on what to do with your new sponge: – Use it to clean up water sources: Simply place the sponge on top of a water source block and it will absorb all the water around it, leaving the area nice and dry. This is especially useful when building underwater structures or farms.

– Make a bed: If you’re tired of sleeping on hard blocks, why not make yourself a comfy bed out of sponges? To do this, simply place three sponges in the shape of a bed on your crafting table. You’ll need two pillows for the head and foot of the bed, which can be made out of any type of wooden block.

Sponge Crafting Recipe

In this blog post, we will be discussing the sponge crafting recipe. This is a great recipe to use if you are looking for an easy and fun craft to do with your kids. We will be providing step-by-step instructions so that you can easily follow along.

First, you will need to gather all of the supplies that you will need. For this project, you will need 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup of salt, food coloring (optional), and a clean sponge. Once you have gathered all of your supplies, you are ready to begin!

The first step is to mix together the flour, water, and salt in a bowl. If you would like to add some color to your sponge, now is the time to add a few drops of food coloring to the mixture. Once everything is combined, it’s time to start shaping your sponge!

To shape your sponge, simply take small handfuls of the mixture and squeeze it into whatever shape you desire. When shaping your sponge, make sure that there are no holes or cracks in it. These holes will cause the finished product to be less effective.

Once you have shaped all of your sponges, set them aside on a plate or cookie sheet so that they can dry overnight. After 24 hours have passed, your sponges should be completely dry and ready to use! To use them, simply wet them down with some water and then start scrubbing away at whatever surface needs cleaning.

These sponges are perfect for cleaning dishes, counters, or even bathtubs!

How to Make a Sponge in Minecraft Bedrock

How to Make a Sponge in Minecraft Bedrock

If you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock on your mobile device, you may be wondering how to make a sponge. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it! First, you’ll need to find a block of obsidian.

You can find this in the Nether, or you can create it by using lava and water blocks. Once you have some obsidian, place it in the center of your 3×3 crafting grid. Next, add three buckets of water around the obsidian block.

It doesn’t matter which order you put them in – just make sure there’s one bucket of water in each corner of the grid. Now for the final step: adding the sponge! Place one wet sponge in any empty slot on the crafting grid and voila – you’ve now made a sponge!

When placed in water, sponges will absorb all nearby water blocks within a certain radius. This makes them really useful for clearing out large areas of water quickly.

How to Make a Sponge in Minecraft Xbox One

In Minecraft, a sponge is a block that can absorb water. When placed in water, the sponge will fill with water and can then be used to dry out an area of water. You can make a sponge in Minecraft by using two blocks of wool and one block of gravel.


In Minecraft, a sponge is a block that can be used to absorb water. When placed in water, it will soak up the water around it, making the area around it dry. Sponges can be crafted using three pieces of wool and one piece of coal.