3 Secrets About Niklas Lampi

3 secrets about Niklas Lampi

Niklas Lampi is a Finnish photographer who is known for his evocative and atmospheric photographs. He often uses long exposures to capture the light and movement of his subjects, creating images that are both ethereal and intimate. Lampi’s work has been exhibited internationally, and he has received numerous awards for his photography.

Niklas Lampi was born in Finland in 1779. He was one of the first painters to use the technique of en plein air, which allows for painting outdoors and directly from nature. This method allowed him to capture the natural beauty of his homeland in his artwork.

Lampi is best known for his landscapes, which are characterized by their bright colors and detailed depictions of nature. He traveled extensively throughout Europe, painting scenes from countries such as Italy, Switzerland, and Norway. His work was very popular during his lifetime and continues to be appreciated by art lovers today.

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How Did Niklas Lampi Become Interested in Photography

Niklas Lampi became interested in photography at a young age. His father was a professional photographer and he would often go on trips with him to take pictures. He loved the way his father could capture the beauty of the world around them and he wanted to learn how to do it himself.

When he was 18, he moved to Finland to study photography at the University of Helsinki. After graduation, he worked as a freelance photographer for various magazines and newspapers. He eventually started his own studio and now specializes in wedding and portrait photography.

What are Some of Niklas Lampi’s Most Famous Photographs

Niklas Lampi is a Finnish photographer who is most famous for his photographs of the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. He has been photographing the Northern Lights for over 20 years and has captured some of the most stunning images of this natural phenomenon. His photographs have been featured in numerous publications and he has even released a book entitled “Aurora – The Beauty of the Night Sky”.

Some of Niklas Lampi’s most famous photographs include:

1) “Aurora Australis” – This photograph was taken in Antarctica and shows the Southern Lights, or Aurora Australis. This image was featured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine in December 2011.

2) “Aurora Borealis over Finland” – This beautiful photograph captures the Northern Lights over Finland. It was taken in March 2012 and won 1st place in an international photography contest.

3) “Aurora Borealis over Norway” – Another stunning image of the Northern Lights, this time captured over Norway.

It was taken in January 2013 and has been featured in many online articles and galleries.

About Niklas Lampi

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How Has Niklas Lampi’s Photography Evolved Over the Years

Niklas Lampi is a Finnish photographer who has been active since the early 2000s. His work has evolved significantly over the years, both in terms of subject matter and approach. Early on in his career, Lampi focused mainly on landscapes and cityscapes.

He had a very traditional approach to photography, using a medium format camera and shooting mostly in black and white. His images were often quite atmospheric, with a strong sense of place. In recent years, Lampi has expanded his repertoire considerably.

He now shoots a wide range of subjects, including portraits, interiors, architecture and still life. He also experiments with different techniques and processes, such as digital manipulation and alternative printing methods. As a result, his work has become more diverse and experimental.


Niklas Lampi is a Finnish photographer who specializes in capturing the Northern Lights. In this blog post, he shares some of his tips for getting the best photos of this natural phenomenon. He recommends visiting Finland during the winter months when the nights are the longest and there is less light pollution.

He also suggests using a tripod to stabilize your camera and using a wide-angle lens to capture as much of the sky as possible. With some patience and practice, you too can take stunning photos of the Northern Lights!