Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop: Ultimate Collector’s Must-Have!

Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop

The Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop is a collectible figure from the Naruto Shippuden anime series. It depicts the character Kakashi Hatake’s powerful Susanoo form.

Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop embodies one of the most iconic moments in Naruto Shippuden, capturing the Copy Ninja’s awe-inspiring, spectral warrior manifestation. Fans of the series and Funko Pop collectors alike search eagerly for this rare figure, typically due to its limited release and the significance it holds within the anime’s storied history.

This collectible merges Funko’s playful design with the detailed elements of Kakashi’s final Susanoo, making it a vibrant and desirable addition to any display. The piece not only celebrates a beloved character but also acts as a testament to the enduring popularity of the Naruto franchise. Those fortunate enough to secure the Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop can proudly showcase a pivotal segment of ninja lore.

Pop Culture Icon Meets Collectible Art

Kakashi Hatake, a staple character in the beloved anime Naruto, has left an indelible mark on fans worldwide. With his illustrious Sharingan eye and cool demeanor, this ninja has transcended beyond the screen to become a symbol of strength and wisdom in anime culture. Kakashi’s Susanoo, a manifestation of his powerful spirit, stands as a pinnacle of his character development.

Funko Pop figures have evolved significantly since their inception. The brand has become renowned for capturing the essence of pop culture icons, and the intricate design of the Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop is no exception. It showcases an impressive attention to detail – from the iconic blue ethereal warrior to the signature weapons. As a result, the figure is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts, merging the artistry of collectibles with the legacy of a legendary anime character.

Figure Description
Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop Collectible toy featuring Kakashi’s majestic Susanoo form, complete with dual Mangekyo Sharingan.

Design And Features Breakdown

The Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop stands out with its vivid color scheme and attention to detail, which will certainly catch the eye of both Funko collectors and Naruto fans alike. The figure’s representation of Kakashi’s Susanoo, a giant warrior-like avatar, is depicted with striking blue and purple hues, reflecting the chakra of the character’s powerful technique.

Noteworthy are the meticulous armor design and the all-important dual Mangekyou Sharingan, which are symbolic to Kakashi’s persona within the anime series. Fans can appreciate the translucent hair strand, a design choice that showcases Funko’s commitment to capturing the ethereal nature of the Susanoo’s energy.

The Kakashi Susanoo Pop differentiates itself from the standard figures through its dynamic pose that illustrates a scene right out of an epic battle sequence. Its uniqueness lies in the Pop’s ability to encapsulate both Kakashi’s calm demeanor and the raw power of the Susanoo’s warrior form. A comparison reveals that unlike regular Funko Pops, this figure includes enhanced features like the sword embellished with intricate patterns and a stand that simulates the Susanoo’s hovering effect, creating an impression of movement and action.

The Collector’s Journey With Kakashi Susanoo

Embarking on a Naruto Funko Pop Collection journey beckons enthusiasts to the unmistakable aura of Kakashi’s Susanoo. This remarkable Funko Pop incarnates the iconic Copy Ninja at the apex of his powers, casting a mystique look that captivates and enthralls collectors worldwide.

Rarity and exclusivity play pivotal roles in fueling a collector’s zeal. The Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop stands as a testament to these factors, often found as a sought-after convention exclusive or a limited edition piece, enhancing its desirability and investment potential. Collectors should remain vigilant for official releases and retailer exclusives to secure these valuable collectibles.

Concerning display and preservation, collectors are advised to consider UV-protected display cases to safeguard their treasures from light damage. Proper shelf position avoids direct sunlight, which is crucial in maintaining the vivid colors and integrity of the Funko Pop. Observing these tips ensures the Kakashi Susanoo figure remains a centerpiece in any collection, resonating with the valor and spirit of the character it represents.

Boosting Your Collection’s Value

Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop figures have rapidly become highly sought-after items within the collectible market. Investors and enthusiasts alike should understand that the value of such collectibles is often influenced by their rarity, condition, and authenticity. Maintaining mint condition packaging is crucial, as the original box and plastic can significantly enhance the value of the Funko Pop.

Best practices for authenticity verification include seeking reputable sellers and examining the Unique Identifier Code (UIC), often found on the box. Ensuring you purchase a genuine Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop guarantees you are investing in a valuable and authentic piece. Collectors are recommended to keep the Funko Pop in its original packaging and avoid exposing it to sunlight or moisture, preserving its pristine condition.

Engage With The Funko Pop Community

Engaging with the Funko Pop community enriches the experience of collecting Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pops. Participating in fan events and meetups provides collectors a platform to share their passion while uncovering rare items. Sharing collections online, through social media or collector forums, not only celebrates individual achievements but also inspires others.

For those seeking to expand their collections or find specific pieces, leveraging trading and networking opportunities is crucial. Engaging with other enthusiasts can lead to valuable trades, allowing collectors to diversify their assortments. Active participation within the community can unlock doors to exclusive information and potential exchanges that enhance a collection’s value and uniqueness.

Navigating Limited Edition Releases

Anticipating Drop Dates and Venues for the Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop requires diligence and a well-connected network. Devoted collectors and fans should mark their calendars for official announcements, often readily available on brand social media pages and dedicated forums. Retailers such as Hot Topic, GameStop, and Funko’s own online store are frequent hosts for such limited edition releases.

Employing Strategies for Securing Limited Editions include setting up alerts and notifications for restock information and utilizing browser extensions that can assist in the quick addition of items to your cart. Signing up for retailer newsletters can also provide an edge with early access or members-only purchasing opportunities.

Engagements with Aftermarket Sellers should be approached with caution. Prices can be significantly marked up, so it is wise to research current market values and seller reputations. Platforms like eBay and Mercari host a variety of sellers, making it essential to review feedback and sale history before committing to a purchase.

Beyond Kakashi Susanoo: Suggested Add-ons

For fans of the Naruto series, the Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop is a must-have, but the collection doesn’t stop there. Explore other iconic characters in Funko Pop form such as Naruto Uzumaki in his Six Paths Sage Mode, Sasuke Uchiha with his amaterasu, or the ever-mysterious Tobi. Each figure captures the essence of the beloved anime characters, making them outstanding display pieces for any enthusiast.

Highlighting the immense popularity of the franchise, the complementary collectibles include items such as limited edition prints, Japanese manga sets, and exclusive vinyl figures. These items not only complement the Funko Pops but also enrich the overall collection of any Naruto aficionado.

Keep an eye on upcoming releases promising to dazzle the fandom. Rumors suggest potential figures like Kakashi’s Mangekyou Sharingan version and other iconic Jutsu manifestations. Collectors and fans alike would be wise to watch for announcements and pre-order options to secure these prized assets.

Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop: Ultimate Collector's Must-Have!

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Frequently Asked Questions On Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop

What Is The Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop?

The Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop is a collectible vinyl figure. It represents the iconic ninja Kakashi Hatake from the anime Naruto, enveloped in his powerful Susanoo avatar. It’s a sought-after item by fans and collectors.

How Rare Is Kakashi’s Susanoo Funko Pop?

Kakashi’s Susanoo Funko Pop is a limited edition piece. Its rarity comes from being an exclusive release, often sold at special events or through certain retailers. This makes it a valuable addition to any collection.

Where Can I Buy Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop?

The Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop is available at select retailers, online Funko Pop stores, and convention exclusive booths. Inventory might be limited, so checking with specialty sellers or online marketplaces is advisable.

What Is The Price Range For Kakashi Susanoo Funko?

The price of Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop varies. It typically ranges from $25 to $50, depending on availability and the seller. Rare pieces may fetch higher prices on the secondary market.


As we wrap up our journey through the world of collectibles, the Kakashi Susanoo Funko Pop stands out. This unique item captures the essence of a beloved Naruto character with stunning detail. Fans and Funko collectors alike shouldn’t miss the opportunity to snag this eye-catching piece.

Dive into the rich tapestry of ninja lore, and let Kakashi’s Susanoo be your sentinel of fandom pride.