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How to Use Flashlight in 7 Days to Die

A flashlight is an invaluable tool in 7 Days to Die. It can be used to light up dark areas, help you find items in the dark, and even be used as a weapon. Here are some tips on how to use a flashlight in 7 Days to Die.

How to use the Flashlight in 7 Days to Die on PS4. Turn on and off.

  • Find a flashlight
  • This can be done by searching through chests, opening up loot bags, or killing zombies
  • Equip the flashlight in your off-hand slot
  • Right click on the item in your inventory to do this
  • Use the flashlight by pressing the right mouse button while it is equipped
  • The beam of light will help you see in dark areas and can also be used to blind enemies momentarily
How To Use Flashlight In 7 Days To Die


How Do I Use a Flashlight in 7 Days to Die

There are a few ways to use a flashlight in 7 Days to Die. The most common way is to hold down the right mouse button while walking around. This will cause your character to hold the flashlight out in front of them, providing some extra light.

You can also use a flashlight while aiming down sights. This is useful for spotting enemies in the dark or looking for items in hard-to-see places. To do this, simply hold down the right mouse button and left click.

Your character will raise the flashlight up to their face, giving you a better view of what’s ahead. Finally, you can use a flashlight as an improvised weapon. Although it doesn’t do much damage, shining a bright light into an enemy’s eyes can momentarily blind them and give you an opportunity to attack.

To do this, simply select the flashlight from your inventory and press the left mouse button.

Your Character Will Then Bring Out the Flashlight And Turn It on

Assuming you are talking about a flashlight in a video game: Your character will then bring out the flashlight and turn it on. The player will be able to see a small area around them, but the beam of light will also attract any nearby enemies.

Be careful when using the flashlight!


In 7 Days to Die, using a flashlight is key to survival. Without one, you’ll be at the mercy of the darkness and all the dangers that come with it. Here’s how to use a flashlight in 7 Days to Die:

1. To turn on your flashlight, press F5. This will bring up your inventory screen. 2. Select the flashlight from your inventory and equip it by pressing E.

3. To turn off your flashlight, press F5 again or deselect the flashlight from your inventory.

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