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How to Teleport in Space Engineers

Space Engineers is a engineering game developed and published by Keen Software House. In Space Engineers, players build spaceships and space stations of various sizes out of blocks. These blocks can be programmed to do certain tasks, such as opening doors or flying the ship.

Some blocks also have special abilities, such as the ability to teleport. To teleport in Space Engineers, you first need to find a block that has the ability to teleport. This block is usually located in the control room of a spaceship or space station.

Once you have found the block, you need to program it with the coordinates of your destination. The coordinates can be entered manually or they can be imported from a saved file.

How To TELEPORT IN Space Enigneers

  • In order to teleport in Space Engineers, you will need to have a Teleporter block placed on your ship
  • To use the Teleporter, you will need to stand in theTeleporter’s beam and press the “Activate” button
  • The Teleporter will then scan your body and store your data in its memory banks
  • Once the scanning is complete, you can then select your destination from a list of available locations
  • Finally, press the “Teleport” button to initiate the teleportation process
How to Teleport in Space Engineers


How Do I Teleport in Space Engineers

There is no teleportation in Space Engineers. You can, however, use the game’s built-in warp drive to travel between planets and star systems.

What are the Requirements for Teleportation in Space Engineers

In the game Space Engineers, teleportation is a technology that allows players to instantly travel between two points in space. There are three requirements for using teleportation: 1. The first requirement is that you must have a teleporter pad at your starting location and your destination.

Teleporter pads are large, square blocks with a green holographic panel on one side. 2. The second requirement is that you must have enough power to activate the teleporter pads. Each pad requires 100 MW of power to function.

3. The third and final requirement is that you must have line of sight between the two teleporter pads. This means that there cannot be any objects blocking the path between the two pads. If there are objects in the way, the teleport will fail and you will be sent back to your starting point.

What are the Consequences of Teleportation in Space Engineers

Assuming you are referring to the consequences of teleportation in the game Space Engineers, there are a few. First, when you teleport, your ship will lose all velocity and spin. This can be problematic if you’re trying to escape from something or land on a moving object.

Second, any blocks that were not connected to your ship before you teleported will become unanchored and start floating away. So if you’re not careful, you could end up losing some valuable equipment. Third, any missiles or other projectiles that were in flight when you teleported will disappear and will no longer be able to affect your ship.

However, this also means that if there were any hostile missiles headed your way, they will suddenly vanish and pose no threat. Lastly, since space is essentially a vacuum, anything that was inside your ship when you teleported (including people) will be exposed to the harsh environment once the doors open. So make sure everyone is wearing their space suits before hitting that teleport button!


Space Engineers is a game about building spaceships and stations. In Space Engineers, you can teleport your ship or station from one place to another using the game’s built-in teleporter. To do this, first select the object you want to teleport in the game’s world view.

Then, press the “Teleport” button on the control panel. A menu will appear with a list of available teleporters. Select the teleporter you want to use and press the “Teleport” button again.

The selected object will be instantly transported to the new location.

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