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How to Stun Umbra Warframe

To stun Umbra, you need to first inflict a status effect on him. This can be done with weapons that have the elemental damage type of your choice. For example, if you’re using a fire weapon, you’ll want to use an Inferno round.

Once Umbra is affected by the status effect, he will be momentarily stunned and you can then finish him off with any attack.

Warframe Sacrifice STUN UMBRA Bölüm 4

  • To stun Umbra, you will need to first find her in the game
  • She can be found in the Plains of Eidolon or in the Orb Vallis
  • Once you have found her, approach her and press the attack button
  • This will cause your Warframe to enter into a melee fight with Umbra
  • During the course of the fight, watch for an opening where you can land a heavy blow on Umbra
  • When you see this opportunity, press the strong attack button to unleash a powerful strike on her
  • If successful, this will stagger Umbra and leave her open to further attacks
  • Finish her off quickly to prevent her from recovering and counterattacking!
How To Stun Umbra Warframe


What is the Best Way to Stun Umbra Warframe

If you’re looking to stun Umbra Warframe, the best way to do it is with a shock weapon. While any weapon can technically stun him, a shock weapon will do it more effectively. Additionally, make sure to aim for his head, as that’s where his weak spot is located.


If you’re looking to take down Umbra, the new Warframe, then you’ll need to know how to stun him. Here are a few tips: First, use your fastest weapon to take out his shields.

Second, target his legs with strong weapons to disable him. Finally, constantly move and stay out of his line of sight to avoid his powerful attacks.

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