How to Say Deez Nuts in Chinese

How to Say Deez Nuts in Chinese

Deez nuts is a phrase that is used to tease or taunt someone. It can be used as a standalone insult or as part of a longer string of insults. The phrase is most commonly used by teenagers and young adults.

While the origins of the phrase are unknown, it is thought to have originated in the United States in the early 1990s.

  • Look up the translation for “deez nuts” in Chinese
  • Write out the phrase in Mandarin characters
  • Show the written phrase to a native Chinese speaker and ask for confirmation
  • Practice saying the phrase aloud until you feel confident with its pronunciation
How to Say Deez Nuts in Chinese


How Do You Say “Deez Nuts” in Chinese

There is no literal translation for “deez nuts” in Chinese, but there are several ways to approximate the meaning. One way to say it would be “这是坚果吗?” (zhè shì jiāngǔ ma?), which means “Are these nuts?”

What is the Chinese Translation of “Deez Nuts”

There is no direct translation of “deez nuts” into Chinese, but the phrase would generally be translated as something like “these nuts are really good” or “these nuts are amazing”.

How Do You Pronounce “Deez Nuts” in Chinese

“Deez nuts” is a term that is used to describe someone who is considered to be attractive. The term “deez nuts” is of American origin and is not commonly used in China. However, some Chinese people may be familiar with the term and its meaning.

How to say Deez Nuts in a Chinese Accent


In China, the phrase “deez nuts” is translated to “shǎ zi”, which literally means “hanging balls”. The phrase is used as a way to insult someone, and is often accompanied by an obscene gesture.