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How to Message Someone on Warframe

In the online game Warframe, messaging other players is a key part of the experience. Whether you’re looking for help with a quest or just want to chat with fellow Tenno, here are some tips on how to message someone in Warframe.

How to message people in Warframe!

  • Download and install Warframe from the official website
  • Log in or create an account
  • In the main menu, click on the “Social” option
  • Click on the “Contacts” tab
  • Find the player you want to message and click on their name
  • Type your message in the box and hit “Send”
How To Message Someone On Warframe


How Do I Message Someone on Warframe

In order to message someone on Warframe, you must first be friends with them. To do this, you can either add them as a friend through their in-game profile or by sending them a friend request through the game’s messaging system. Once you are friends with someone, you will be able to message them directly through the Warframe chat interface.

How Can I Find Someone to Message on Warframe

If you’re looking for someone to message on Warframe, the best place to start is the official Warframe forums. There are sections dedicated to finding people to play with, and you can post your own thread asking for help finding players. You can also search for specific threads that might be helpful, such as those created by other new players.

In addition, there are a number of unofficial Warframe communities that can be useful for finding people to play with. The /r/Warframe subreddit is a good place to start, and there are also several Discord servers devoted to Warframe that can be found with a quick search. Once you’ve found a community you’re comfortable with, don’t be afraid to reach out and introduce yourself – most players will be happy to help you get started in the game.

What are the Benefits of Messaging Someone on Warframe

There are many benefits to messaging someone on Warframe. For starters, it allows you to communicate with your teammates without having to use voice chat. This can be extremely helpful if you’re trying to coordinate a complicated mission or just want to chat without everyone else being able to hear you.

Another benefit is that you can send messages to people who are offline. This means that you can still keep in touch with your friends even if they’re not currently playing the game. You can also use the messaging system to leave messages for yourself, which can be helpful for remembering things like mission objectives or where you left off in a conversation.

Finally, messaging on Warframe is completely free! You don’t have to worry about using up your data allowance or being charged for texts – it’s all included in the price of the game. So why not take advantage of this handy feature and stay connected with your fellow Tenno?


If you’re a fan of Warframe, then you know how important it is to stay in touch with your fellow Tenno. messaging is one of the best ways to do that. Here are some tips on how to message someone on Warframe:

1. If you’re just starting out, use the /say command. This will let everyone in your group know what you’re saying without being too intrusive. 2. If you want to be more specific, use the /tell command followed by the player’s name.

This will send them a direct message that only they can see. 3. You can also use the /w command to whisper to someone nearby. This is great for when you need to discuss strategy without alerting everyone else to your conversation.

4. To chat with people in other languages, use the /foreign command followed by the language code and your message. For example, /foreign es Hey there! Will send your message in Spanish to anyone who has their language set to Spanish.

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