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How to Level Dinos Fast Ark

There are many ways to level up your dinosaurs in Ark. You can do it by hand, with a taming pen, or through the use of a feeding trough. The most efficient way to level up your dinosaur is by using a food trough.

This will allow you to feed them their favorite foods and get the best results. When using a food trough, be sure to keep an eye on your dinos so they don’t overeat and become sick.

How to Level Dinos Fast in ARK Survival Evolved

  • Tame a high-level dino and put it on passive
  • Get a lot of low-level dinos and put them on aggressive
  • Attack the high-level dino with the low-level dinos until the high-level dino’s health is low
  • When the high-level dino’s health is low, switch to the high-level dino and finish it off with powerful attacks
How To Level Dinos Fast Ark


How Can I Level My Dinos Up Quickly in Ark

Taming dinosaurs and other animals is one of the central gameplay elements in Ark: Survival Evolved. The process of leveling up a dinosaur can be time consuming, so here are a few tips to level them up more quickly. One way to level up your dinosaurs more quickly is to use high-quality food.

This means using food that has a high percentage of meat, fruits, or vegetables. The best food for taming and leveling up dinosaurs is Raw Prime Meat, which can be found by hunting certain animals or by killing alpha predators. Another way to get high-quality food is to grow it yourself using a crop plot.

Another tip for leveling up your dinosaurs more quickly is to build a large pen for them. This will allow them to roam around and explore their environment, which will help them gain experience points faster. You can also place multiple feeding stations inside the pen so they can eat more often without having to travel far distances.

Finally, you can use experience boosters to temporarily increase the rate at which your dinosaurs gain experience points. These items can be found in the game’s store or as rewards from completing certain tasks or challenges.

What are Some Methods for Leveling Dinos Fast

There are several methods that can be used to level up dinos fast in Ark Survival Evolved. One popular method is to use the “ascend” command while standing on top of a sleeping dino. This will cause the dino to automatically gain levels as it sleeps, allowing you to level it up quickly.

Another method is to use experience boosters, which can be found in supply crates or bought from other players. Using these will temporarily increase the amount of experience your dino gains, allowing you to level it up faster than normal. Finally, you can also simply put your dino through a lot of combat by taking it into battle against high-level enemies.

This will cause it to gain experience at an accelerated rate, allowing you to level it up quickly. Whichever method you choose, leveling up your dinos fast is possible in Ark Survival Evolved.

Is There a Way to Get My Dinos to Level Up Faster

There are a few ways to get your dinos to level up faster in ARK: Survival Evolved. One way is to simply put more points into the appropriate stats when you level up your character. Another way is to use experience boosters, which can be found in the form of items, engrams, or certain abilities.

Finally, you can also kill high-level wild dinos and harvest their bodies for experience.


If you’re looking to level up your dinos fast in Ark, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you’re feeding them the right food. Second, use a high-level character to tame low-level dinos.

And third, take advantage of experience bonuses whenever possible. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to level up your dinos faster than ever before!

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