How to Identify Mcguire Furniture

McGuire furniture is some of the most sought-after on the market. The company has been making high-quality, handcrafted pieces for over 100 years. If you’re lucky enough to come across a piece of McGuire furniture, there are some ways you can tell if it’s the real deal.

First, check for the signature gold medallion on the back of each chair or sofa. This is a surefire way to know you’re looking at a McGuire piece. Second, take a look at the construction.

McGuire furniture is built to last, so pay attention to things like sturdy joinery and solid wood frames. Finally, inspect the finish. McGuire furniture is known for its beautiful finishes, so if you see something that looks off, it’s probably not a genuine piece.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to spot a McGuire piece from a mile away!

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The Art of McGuire

  • Look for the McGuire label: All McGuire furniture will have a label with the company’s name and logo
  • Inspect the construction: McGuire furniture is well-made and constructed of high-quality materials
  • Examine the finish: The finish on McGuire furniture is smooth and even, without any imperfections
  • Check for symmetry: All McGuire furniture pieces are symmetrical, with clean lines and balanced proportions
  • Compare prices: Because of the quality of their construction and finishes, McGuire furniture pieces are typically more expensive than similar items from other brands

What are the Identifying Characteristics of Mcguire Furniture

Mcguire furniture is known for its simple, clean lines and natural materials. The company’s pieces are often made of rattan, wicker, bamboo, and other sustainable materials. Mcguire also uses a lot of neutral colors in its designs, which helps give the furniture a calming feeling.

How Can You Tell If a Piece of Furniture is Made by Mcguire

When it comes to furniture, Mcguire is a name that is synonymous with quality. For over a century, the company has been handcrafting some of the finest pieces of furniture available on the market. If you are looking for a piece of furniture that is sure to stand the test of time, then you need to look for the Mcguire label.

Here are a few tips on how you can tell if a piece of furniture is made by Mcguire: 1. Look for the stamp: All genuine Mcguire furniture will have a small brass plate with the company’s logo and name stamped into it. This can usually be found on the back or underside of the piece.

2. Check the construction: One of the things that makes Mcguire furniture so special is the attention to detail that goes into each and every piece. The joints should be tight and precise, and all surfaces should be sanded smooth before finishing. 3. Examine the finish: Another hallmark of Mcguire furniture is its beautiful finishes.

These are typically done by hand using a rubbed-on oil finish, which gives each piece a warm, natural luster. 4. Ask about provenance: Because Mcguire has been in business for over 100 years, there are many pieces out there that have an interesting history behind them. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these pieces, be sure to ask about its provenance so you can learn more about its unique story.

Where Can I Find More Information About This Furniture Maker

If you’re looking for more information on a particular furniture maker, your best bet is to start by searching online. A quick Google search should turn up any relevant websites or forums where you can learn more about the company and their products. You can also try contacting the company directly through their website or customer service line to see if they can provide additional information.

Finally, if you know of any local stores that sell the furniture maker’s products, you could always ask a salesperson there for more details. With a little patience and effort, you should be able to find everything you need to know about almost any furniture maker out there.


If you’re a fan of mid-century modern design, then you’re probably familiar with the work of Paul McCobb. His furniture designs are characterized by clean lines, simple forms, and a focus on functionality. While McCobb’s work is often associated with the minimalist aesthetic, his furniture is actually quite versatile and can be used in a variety of different settings.

If you’re interested in adding some McCobb furniture to your home, here’s how you can identify it. McCobb furniture is typically made from high-quality materials like walnut or maple. The wood is usually stained or left natural, which allows the grain to show through.

Another signature feature of McCobb furniture is the use of tapered legs – this was something that he pioneered and that has become synonymous with his style. Another way to identify McCobb furniture is by looking for pieces that have multiple functions. For example, many of his chairs can also be used as step stools or side tables.

If you’re interested in purchasing some McCubb furniture for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, because his designs are so classic, they tend to hold their value over time. Second, while most of his pieces were mass-produced during his lifetime (and are thus relatively affordable), certain limited edition items can be quite expensive.

Finally, because McCobb’s furniture is so sought-after by collectors, it can be difficult to find original pieces in good condition – so if you do come across one, be sure to snap it up!