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How to Go into 3Rd Person in Ark

There are two ways that you can go into third person in Ark. The first way is to use the admin command “setadminperson” followed by a 1, 2, or 3. This will put you in first, second, or third person respectively.

The other way to go into third person is to open the settings menu (press ESC while in game), click on “General”, and then scroll down until you see the option for “First Person Camera”. You can change this to either “Third Person Shoulder” or “Third Person Follow”.


  • Open the settings menu in Ark
  • Scroll down to the “Advanced” section
  • Click on the “Enable Third Person Camera” option
  • Exit out of the settings menu and enjoy your new third person perspective!
How To Go Into 3Rd Person In Ark


How Do I Go into Third Person in Ark

In order to go into third person in Ark, you will need to access the settings menu. From here, you will find an option for ‘third person view’. Toggle this setting on and off as desired.

What are the Benefits of Going into Third Person in Ark

There are a few benefits to going into third person in Ark. For one, it can help you get a better view of the surroundings and spot potential threats more easily. Additionally, it can make it easier to line up shots and hit targets, especially when using ranged weapons.

Finally, third person can also provide a bit of extra protection from incoming attacks since you’re not as exposed as you would be in first-person view.

Is It Difficult to Go into Third Person in Ark

Yes, it can be difficult to change from first person to third person in Ark. This is because you have to re-learn the game’s mechanics and controls. In first person, you are used to looking around with your mouse and using WASD to move.

However, in third person, you need to use the right stick to look around and the left stick to move. This can take some time getting used to.


In Ark, you can go into 3rd person by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. This will bring up the game’s menus and options. From here, you can select the “Third Person” option.

This will put you in a third-person view of your character. You can also use the F5 key to toggle between first and third person views.

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