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How to Get String in Minecraft Peaceful

In Minecraft, string is an item that can be obtained from spiders and cave spider mobs. When killed, these mobs will drop 0-2 pieces of string. String can also be found in the new “mushroom biome” in the game.

How to Get and MAKE String In Minecraft Survival (Recipe Tutorial)

  • In the world of Minecraft, open the console by pressing the “t” key
  • Type in “/give @p minecraft:string 1”
  • This gives you one piece of string
  • Press enter to run the command and receive your string
How To Get String In Minecraft Peaceful


Q: How Do You Get String in Minecraft

You can get string in Minecraft by destroying Cobwebs with a Sword.


In Minecraft, you can obtain string by killing spiders. When a spider dies, it will drop 0-2 pieces of string. You can also find string in the chests of abandoned mineshafts.

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