How to Get Lab Lvl 3 Lost Ark

How to Get Lab Lvl 3 Lost Ark

In order to get the Lab Level 3 Lost Ark, you will need to have completed the previous two levels and have all three parts of the blueprint. The first part can be found in the Machine Core area, the second in the Power Plant, and the third in the Command Center. You will also need to have a certain amount of resources, which can be found all over the map.

  • Go to the Blacksmith in any major city
  • Request the “Lost Ark” blueprint from the Blacksmith
  • Collect the required materials for the blueprint
  • Bring the materials to the Blacksmith and pay the fee to have them crafted into the Lost Ark
How to Get Lab Lvl 3 Lost Ark


How Do You Level Up Lab Stronghold in Lost Ark?

In order to level up your lab stronghold in Lost Ark, you will need to first complete all of the quests in the game. Once you have done this, you will be able to access the stronghold. In order to level it up, you will need to upgrade the building by spending resources.

The higher the level of your lab, the more powerful it will be.

How Do You Unlock the Time Cave in Lost Ark?

In order to unlock the Time Cave in Lost Ark, you will need to first complete the game’s main storyline. Once you have done so, you will be able to access the Time Cave by speaking to the NPC named “Old Man Cho” who can be found in the town of Ulsan. Inside the Time Cave, you will be able to find a number of powerful enemies and bosses, as well as some valuable loot.

How Do I Find a Lost Stronghold in Ark?

If you’re looking for a lost stronghold in Ark, the best place to start is by checking out the resources section on the official website. Here, you’ll find a map that shows all of the known strongholds in the game. If your stronghold is not listed on this map, then it’s likely that it hasn’t been found yet.

You can also search for specific keywords related to your lost stronghold using the search bar on the website. Another good resource for finding lost strongholds is the Ark Survival Evolved subreddit. Here, you can post about your lost stronghold and see if anyone else has any information about it.

Finally, if you’re still having trouble finding your lost stronghold, you can always try contacting the developers directly through their support page.

How Do You Use Stronghold Lost Ark?

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Lost Ark experience, using a Stronghold is a great way to do it. Here’s how: When you first start playing Lost Ark, you’ll be given the option to create or join a Stronghold.

A Stronghold is basically a guild or clan that players can join in order to team up and take on tougher challenges together. Once you’ve joined or created a Stronghold, you’ll be able to access its special features. One of the best things about being in a Stronghold is that you’ll have access to exclusive dungeons and raids that other players won’t be able to enter.

These dungeons and raids are designed for groups of players, so it’s much easier (and more fun) to take them on with friends by your side. Plus, as you progress through the content, your entire group will earn rewards together – making it well worth your while to team up! In addition to exclusive content, Strongholds also offer helpful bonuses and perks that can give your group an edge in battle.

For example, some Strongholds may offer buffs that increase damage dealt or decrease damage taken. Others might provide discounts on gear or resources. And still others might offer unique gameplay features, like the ability to set up ambushes or call in reinforcements during battle.

No matter what kind of bonus your Stronghold offers, it’s sure to give you an advantage as you play through Lost Ark’s many challenges!

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Lost Ark Lab Level 3 Bugged

If you’re having trouble completing the third level of Lost Ark Labs, you’re not alone. It seems that many players are stuck at this point in the game, and no one is quite sure why. Some believe that it’s a bug in the game itself, while others think that it might be due to server issues.

Whatever the cause, it’s preventing players from progressing any further in the game. There are a few theories as to what might be causing the problem. One possibility is that the game is simply bugged and needs to be patched.

Another possibility is that the servers are overloaded and need to be restarted. Either way, it’s clear that something isn’t working right. If you’re stuck at level three of Lost Ark Labs, don’t give up hope just yet!

Hopefully a fix will be released soon so that everyone can continue enjoying the game.

Lost Ark Lab Lvl 4

Welcome to our guide for the fourth level of the Lost Ark Lab! This is a story-driven dungeon that requires players to be at least level 60 and have completed the previous three levels. This guide will provide tips on how to defeat each boss, as well as what loot you can expect to find.

Good luck! The first boss you’ll encounter is Arkana, a powerful sorceress. She primarily uses fire magic, so be sure to bring plenty of water or ice-based abilities to counter her attacks.

Her main weakness is her lack of mobility, so kiting her around the room and attacking from range is your best bet. After defeating Arkana, you’ll face off against two more bosses: the twins Talion and Valion. These brothers are melee fighters with high damage output, so be prepared for a tough fight.

They often attack together, so focus your fire on one twin at a time and try to take them down as quickly as possible. Once you’ve defeated the twins, you’ll finally reach the final boss of this dungeon: Arkhimedes. He’s a powerful wizard with a variety of dangerous spells at his disposal.

However, he’s also quite slow and susceptible to crowd control effects. Use these to your advantage and take him down! That’s all for this level!

If you can complete it successfully, you’ll be rewarded with some great loot, including rare weapons and armor pieces. Good luck!

Lost Ark Stronghold Lab Level 3

The Lost Ark Stronghold Lab Level 3 is the final level of the Lost Ark game, and it is by far the most difficult. In this level, you must find and destroy the three reactors that power the stronghold, and then make your way to the top of the tower to confront the boss. The first reactor is located in the bamanly cheeset, and can be destroyed by using a bomb on one of the pipes.

The second reactor is located in the main room, and can be destroyed by shooting it with a missile. The third reactor is located in the top of the tower, and can only be reached by using a jetpack.

Lost Ark Lab Level 5

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be discussing the fifth level of the Lost Ark Lab – specifically, how to access it and what you can find there. To reach the fifth level of the Lost Ark Lab, you’ll need to use a special elevator located in the back of the fourth level.

This elevator will take you down to an underground area where you can find the entrance to the fifth level. Once you’re on the fifth level, be prepared for a tough fight. The enemies here are significantly stronger than those on previous levels, so make sure you’re fully equipped and ready for battle before proceeding.

There are also a number of puzzles and traps that you’ll need to navigate in order to progress. As far as rewards go, completing the fifth level will net you some powerful items and equipment that will help make future runs through the lab much easier. There’s also a chance of finding rarer items such as lost artifacts or ancient treasure.

So if you’re up for a challenge, head on down to the fifth level of the Lost Ark Lab – just be careful not to get yourself killed in the process!


So you want to know how to get Lab Level 3 in Lost Ark? Well, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to complete the quest “The Final Piece” which is given by Ark NPC Jules.

Second, you must have completed the previous two levels of the Lab (Lab Level 1 and 2). Finally, once you have completed these requirements, you can talk to Jules again and he will give you the key to access Lab Level 3.