How to Get Grad Cap on Bitmoji

How to Get Grad Cap on Bitmoji

Most people use Bitmoji to communicate with friends and family, but did you know that you can also use it to get a graduation cap on your head? Here’s how: 1. First, open the Bitmoji app and tap on the settings cog in the top-right corner.

2. Next, select “Manage My Bitmoji” and then scroll down to find the “Graduation Cap” option. 3. Tap on the “Graduation Cap” option and then select whether you want a black or white cap. 4. Finally, tap on the “Done” button in the top-right corner and your Bitmoji will now be wearing a graduation cap!

  • Tap on the Bitmoji app to open it
  • If you haven’t already, sign in or create an account
  • On the main screen, tap the “Create Bitmoji” button
  • Select your preferred avatar style and follow the prompts to customize your character
  • Once you’re satisfied with your Bitmoji, tap the “Next” button
  • On the next screen, select the “Grad Cap” option from the menu of available accessories
  • 7 Your Bitmoji will now be wearing a graduation cap!
How to Get Grad Cap on Bitmoji


How Do You Get New Hats on Bitmoji?

There are a few ways to get new hats on Bitmoji. One way is to buy them from the Bitmoji store. Another way is to earn them by completing certain challenges or tasks within the app.

Finally, you can also win hats by participating in giveaways or contests that might be hosted by Bitmoji or other companies.

Why Can’T I Find the Cowboy Hat on Bitmoji?

If you’re looking for a cowboy hat on Bitmoji, you may be out of luck. The popular avatar creator doesn’t seem to have any hats that resemble a cowboy hat, which may be disappointing to some users. However, there are still plenty of other hats to choose from, so you can find one that suits your style.

Can You Customize Your Grad Cap?

Yes, you can customize your grad cap! You can add embellishments, paint it, or even bedazzle it. Get creative and make your grad cap unique to you.

How Do You Put a Graduation Cap on Instagram?

There are a few different ways that you can put a graduation cap on your Instagram account. The most popular way is to use the #graduationcap hashtag. This will allow you to search for other people who have used the same hashtag and see how they have put their graduation caps on their accounts.

Another way to put a graduation cap on your Instagram account is to use the “Stories” feature. To do this, simply take a photo or video of yourself putting on your graduation cap and then share it as a story. Your followers will be able to view it for 24 hours before it disappears.

Finally, you can also add a graduation cap emoji to your username. To do this, go to your profile settings and then select the “Edit Profile” option. From here, scroll down to the “Username” section and then click on the “Add an Emoji” button.

Choose the graduation cap emoji from the list and then hit “Save”.

How to get the graduation cap on Bitmoji

Bitmoji Graduation Outfit

As the school year comes to an end, many students are preparing for graduation. And what better way to commemorate this momentous occasion than with a Bitmoji? For those unfamiliar, Bitmoji is a app that allows users to create their own personal emoji.

And now, there’s even a special graduation-themed outfit that you can dress your Bitmoji in! The outfit includes a black cap and gown, as well as a gold tassel. It’s the perfect way to show your friends and family that you’re ready to take on the world!

So if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your graduation, be sure to check out the Bitmoji Graduation Outfit.

How to Get Cowboy Hat on Bitmoji 2022

If you want to get a cowboy hat on your Bitmoji, there are a few different ways that you can do this. One way is to simply purchase the cowboy hat from the Bitmoji store. Another way is to earn the cowboy hat by completing certain challenges within the app.

And finally, you can also find the cowboy hat as a rare item in one of the many treasure chests that are available in the game.

How to Get Bitmoji Deluxe on Snapchat

If you’re a fan of Bitmoji, you’ll be happy to know that there’s now a Deluxe version available on Snapchat! Here’s how to get it: 1. Update your Snapchat app to the latest version.

2. Open the app and go to your profile page. 3. Tap on the settings icon (the cogwheel). 4. Scroll down and tap on “Manage Preferences.”

5. Under “Additional Services,” toggle on “Bitmoji Deluxe.” Now you should see the option to use Bitmoji Deluxe when creating your Bitmoji avatar! Just select it from the menu and start customizing your look.

There are tons of new options available, so have fun experimenting!

Bitmoji Hats Meaning

We all know what Bitmoji are – those little cartoon characters that we can use to represent ourselves in texts and on social media. And we’ve all seen the multitude of different hats that our Bitmojis can wear. But have you ever wondered what the different hat options might mean?

Well, wonder no more! Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular Bitmoji hats and their possible meanings. The first option is the classic baseball cap.

This is a pretty straightforward choice and usually just signifies that the person is a fan of baseball or perhaps just likes the look of the hat. However, it could also be used to indicate that someone is feeling sporty or athletic. The next option is the beanie.

This is often seen as a winter hat, but depending on the style it can also be worn year-round. It’s generally considered a casual choice, so if your Bitmoji is wearing one it might mean that they’re feeling relaxed or laid back. However, it could also be used as a way to signify hipsterism or alternative fashion sense.

Another popular hat choice is the fedora. This one has a bit more of an old-fashioned feel to it and usually implies sophistication or elegance. If your Bitmoji is donning a fedora, they might be trying to convey that they’re suave and debonair!

Of course, these are just a few examples – there are plenty of other hat choices available for your Bitmoji, each with its own potential meaning. So experiment and have fun with it! Who knows, you might even start a trend among your friends…


If you’re looking to add a little graduation flair to your Bitmoji, there’s good news! You can now get a grad cap on your Bitmoji. Here’s how:

1. Open the Bitmoji app on your device. 2. Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen. 3. Scroll down and tap on “Manage My Bitmoji.”

4. Tap on “Grad Cap” and then “Enable.” 5. That’s it! Your Bitmoji will now be sporting a graduation cap.