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How to Get Ecto Tokens Osrs

To get ecto-tokens in OSRS, players must first kill ghosts throughout the game. These tokens can then be redeemed at the ectofuntus for rewards such as bonfires, experience lamps, and more.

  • Go to the Grand Exchange in Osrs and buy an Ecto Token for around 5,000 coins
  • With your Ecto Token in hand, head to the Port Sarim docks and take a boat ride to Dragontooth Island
  • Once you arrive on the island, make your way to the east side where you will find a small cave entrance
  • Inside the cave, kill any Ghosts that are in your way until you reach the end of the cave where you will find a large open room with an Altar of Zaros
  • Use your Ecto Token on the Altar of Zaros and you will receive 1,000 ecto-tokens as well as some other rewards such as Ancient Shards and Blood Money

Ecto-Token Osrs

Ecto-Token is a currency that was introduced in Old School RuneScape. It can be obtained by trading with the Ghost Disciple in the Ectofuntus minigame. It can also be dropped by certain monsters, received from completing certain quests, or from Treasure Trails.

Ecto-Tokens are used to purchase items from the Ghost disciple, such as ectoplasm and bones. They can also be used to worship at the Ectofuntus, which will give players double Prayer experience for every bone they use.

How to Get Ectophial Osrs

Ectophial is a teleport item that allows the player to teleport to the Ectofuntus. It can be obtained by completing the Ghost Ahoy quest, and has no requirements to use. To recharge the ectophial, simply take it to the Ectofuntus and use one of four offerings on the altar there.

Each offering will slightly restore charges to the ectophial: bones will restore 1 charge, bucket of slime will restore 5 charges, pot of flour will restore 10 charges, or urns will fully recharge the ectophial.

Nettle Tea Osrs

Nettle tea is a type of herbal tea made from the leaves of the stinging nettle plant. This tea has a number of potential health benefits, including reducing inflammation, boosting energy levels, and aiding in weight loss. Nettle tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, and is typically caffeine-free.

How to Get to Port Phasmatys Osrs

Getting to Port Phasmatys in Old School RuneScape can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with the game’s mechanics. Here’s a quick guide on how to get there: The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase a Ghost ship ticket from the Ticket Merchant in Port Sarim.

You can find him just south of the bank. Once you have your ticket, head over to the Docks and board the Ghost Ship. The ship will take you to Port Phasmatys automatically.

When you arrive at Port Phasmatys, go north and enter Ectofuntus Temple. Talk to Velorina and she’ll give you a ghostspeak amulet. equip this amulet and then speak with any of the ghosts in town – they’ll be able to help you out with anything you need!

Ecto Token Rs3

Ecto-tokens are items that can be used to recharge the Prayer points of a player. One ecto-token is worth 10 Prayer points. They can be obtained as a drop from various creatures, or by trading with another player.

Ecto-tokens were first introduced into Old School RuneScape on the 26th of February 2007, along with the Ghost Ahoy quest. The quest added many new features to the game, including ghosts and the ability to use potions on them. Ecto-tokens were added as a way for players to recharge their Prayer points without having to kill ghosts over and over again.

Since their release, ecto-tokens have been dropped by many different creatures, including skeletons, zombies, shades, and even some bosses. The most common way to obtain them is by killing ghosts in the Ghost Ahoy quest or in the Catacombs of Kourend. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to recharge your Prayer points, then ecto-tokens are definitely worth considering!

How To Get Ecto Tokens Osrs


How to Make 20 Ecto-Tokens?

If you’re looking to make some easy money in Old School RuneScape, one of the best ways to do so is by collecting and selling ecto-tokens. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make 20 ecto-tokens: 1. Go to the Port Sarim docks and talk to the Ghost Disciple.

He will give you a ghostspeak amulet and tell you to wear it while talking to ghosts. 2. Head south-west of Port Sarim until you find the Rimmington Cemetery. Enter it and start killing ghosts.

3. Once you’ve killed enough ghosts, they will drop ecto-tokens. Collect at least 20 of them. 4. Sell the ecto-tokens to the Ghost Disciple for some quick cash!

Do Better Bones Give More Ecto-Tokens?

No, better bones do not give more ecto-tokens. Ecto-tokens are obtained through killing ghosts, and the type of bone that is dropped is determined by the ghost’s level. The higher the level of the ghost, the more ecto-tokens that will be dropped.

How Do I Get into Port Phasmatys Without Ecto-Tokens?

Ecto-tokens are required to enter Port Phasmatys. There are a few ways to obtain them: 1. Kill ghosts in the area surrounding Port Phasmatys.

These include shades, wraiths, and spectres. When killed, they have a chance of dropping ecto-tokens. 2. Purchase them from the Ghost disciple in Port Phasmatys for 100 coins each.

He can be found just inside the gates of the city. 3. Complete certain quests that reward ecto-tokens, such as The Great Brain Robbery and Cabin Fever.

How Do I Get Ectofuntus?

If you’re looking to get your hands on some Ectofuntus, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. For starters, you’ll need to have completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest. Once that’s out of the way, head on over to Port Phasmatys and talk to Ned in his house – he’ll give you a bucket of slime for free!

Now that you have your slime, make your way over to the Ectofuntus which is just south of the city. Fill up your buckets with water from the fountain nearby and use them on the Slime Pool next to the Ectofuntus. Doing so will grant you some bonemeal which can be used on the Funeral Pyres around the area.

Once you’ve got yourself a healthy supply of bonemeal, offer it up at one of the four pyres surrounding the Ectofuntus. This will cause ghosts to appear; using your bucket of slime on them will absorb them into it. Now all that’s left to do is grinding!

Use your bucket of ghost-infused slime on the grinder beside the Ectofuntus and watch as it spits out ecto-tokens. These can be traded in for all sorts of rewards, so make sure to stock up!

OSRS – Ecto-Tokens


Ecto tokens are a type of currency in the game Old School RuneScape. They can be used to buy items from the Ectofuntus, which is a minigame that rewards players with experience in certain skills. There are several ways to obtain ecto tokens, including:

– Killing ghosts in the Catacombs of Kourend – Collecting them from Treasure Trails clues

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