How to Get Cat Out from Under Bed

If you’ve ever found your cat hiding under your bed, you may be wondering why they do this. There are actually a few reasons why cats may choose to hide under furniture, and understanding these reasons can help you figure out how to get them out. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the reasons behind this behavior and offer some tips on how to encourage your cat to come out from under the bed.

 How to Get Cat Out from Under Bed


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Reasons Why Your Cat May Be Hiding Under Your Bed.

They Feel Safe There.

One of the most common reasons cats hide under beds is because they feel safe there. Cats are natural predators and their instinct is to find a safe place to hide when they feel threatened. Underneath a bed is usually a dark, quiet, and enclosed space that makes your cat feel secure. If your home is full of activity or you have other pets that may be causing stress, your cat may seek refuge under your bed.

They’re Stressed Out.

Cats can get stressed out just like humans can. If there are changes in their environment or routine, if they’re not getting enough attention, or if they’re not feeling well, they may start hiding. Hiding is a way for them to cope with stress and make themselves feel better.

They’re Trying to Avoid You.

Sometimes, cats hide because they’re trying to avoid people. If you have guests over or there’s a lot of commotion in your home, your cat may want to stay out of the way. Additionally, if you’ve been scolding your cat or punishing them physically, they may start hiding from you out of fear.

How to Get Your Cat Out from Under Your Bed.

Create a Safe Space for Them.

If your cat feels like they’re being cornered or threatened, they’re more likely to hide under your bed. So, the first step in getting them out is to create a safe space for them. This means removing any potential sources of stress or anxiety, such as loud noises or other pets in the house. You may also want to provide them with some hiding spots, such as a cardboard box or blankets, that they can retreat to if they feel overwhelmed.

Try Relaxation Techniques.

If your cat is hiding under your bed because they’re feeling stressed out, there are some relaxation techniques you can try to help them calm down. One is called “pheromone therapy,” which involves using products that mimic the calming pheromones produced by cats. You can also try playing soft music or giving them treats that contain calming herbs like chamomile or lavender.

Give Them Time to Come Out on Their Own.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just give your cat some time to come out on their own. If you’ve made sure their environment is safe and stress-free, and you’ve tried some relaxation techniques, eventually they’ll come out when they’re ready. In the meantime, just keep an eye on them from a distance and make sure they have everything they need (food, water, litter box) within reach so they don’t have to venture out from under the bed if they don’t want to.

If your cat is hiding under your bed, it may be due to one of three reasons: they feel safe there, they’re stressed out, or they’re trying to avoid you. To get your cat out from under the bed, create a safe space for them, try relaxation techniques, and give them time to come out on their own.