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How to Find Rubies in Terraria

In Terraria, rubies are a valuable and rare item that can be found in the Cavern layer. They are most commonly found in clay pots and treasure chests, but can also be dropped by enemies or mined from ruby nodes. Here are some tips on how to find rubies in Terraria:

1. Look for clay pots in the Cavern layer. Rubies often spawn in these pots, so be sure to check them when you’re exploring the Caverns. 2. Keep an eye out for treasure chests.

While all types of chests have a chance to contain rubies, golden chests have the best chance of dropping them. 3. Kill enemies and break crates in the Cavern layer. Both of these activities have a small chance to yield rubies.

4. Mine ruby nodes with a pickaxe or drill . These can be found throughout the Caverns, and mining them is often the best way to obtain rubies in large quantities.

Terraria How to get Ruby (ALL 5 WAYS) in Terraria

  • Look for large, red gems in caves and underground areas
  • Use a pickaxe to mine the ruby ore, then use a furnace to smelt the ore into ingots
  • You can also find rubies by slaying monsters or opening chests in dungeon areas
How To Find Rubies In Terraria


-Where Can I Find Rubies in Terraria

There are a few ways that you can find rubies in Terraria. One way is to look for them in the Underground Desert biome. You can also sometimes find them in the Underground Jungle biome.

Another way to get rubies is to mine them from crimson hearts, which have a small chance of dropping one when destroyed. Finally, you can buy rubies from the traveling merchant or from the gem trader NPC.


In Terraria, rubies are a type of gem that can be found in the Underground and Cavern layers. They can also be obtained from destroying certain types of enemies, such as Blood Zombies and Crimson Axes. When mining for them, it is recommended to use a drill or pickaxe with the highest possible mining power.

When looking for rubies, it is best to check areas that have a high concentration of stone blocks. These areas are typically found near lava pools or in the lower parts of the world. Once you find a suitable spot, start digging until you reach the required depth.

Then, keep an eye out for any red-colored ore veins that may contain rubies. If you’re having trouble finding rubies, try using a Spelunker Potion to help reveal them. This potion will cause any hidden ores to glow temporarily, making them much easier to spot.

With a little patience and some luck, you should be able to find plenty of rubies in Terraria!

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