How to Equip Bfg Doom

bfg doom The B.F.G. is a weapon found in Doom (2016). It is the most powerful weapon in the game and can be acquired by completing the Argent Tower mission on Ultra-Nightmare difficulty. The B.F.G.’s primary fire mode launches a large green energy ball that explodes on impact, damaging and killing any enemies caught within its radius.

The secondary fire mode of the BFG fires a continuous stream of green energy that will damage and kill any enemies caught within its path; this mode has infinite ammunition but will overheat after extended use.

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Doom 2016: how to equip BFG 9000

  • Find the BFG 9000 weapon in Doom
  • It is located in the fourth and final episode, The Ultimate Doom
  • Once you have found it, approach it and press the use key to equip it
  • The BFG 9000 will be added to your inventory and can be selected from the Weapons menu
  • To fire the BFG 9000, hold down the fire button until the charge meter is full
  • Release the button to fire a powerful energy blast that will damage or kill anything in its path
How to Equip Bfg Doom


How to Equip Bfg in Doom

The BFG is one of the most iconic weapons in gaming, and it’s no different in Doom. In order to equip this powerful weapon, you’ll need to find it first. The BFG can be found in the fourth mission of the game, called The Ultimate Doom.

Once you’ve located it, simply walk over to it and press the “use” key to pick it up. Once you have the BFG, you can fire it by pressing the “fire” key. The BFG fires a large projectile that does massive damage to anything in its path.

It’s also worth noting that the BFG has a limited amount of ammunition, so use it wisely!

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When the Game Loads, Press the “Esc” Key to Bring Up the Console

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Type in the Following Command: Give Bfg9000 And Press “Enter”

The BFG9000 (Big Friendly Giant 9000) is a weapon in the 2016 Doom video game. It is a massive energy weapon that fires green beams of energy. The BFG9000 is extremely powerful, able to kill most enemies in one shot, and can also destroy walls and other obstacles.

The weapon is found in the game’s fourth mission, Argent D’Nur.


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Close the Console And Enjoy Your New Weapon!

In order to close the console and enjoy your new weapon, you must first complete the following steps: 1. Open the console by pressing the ~ key. 2. Type in give weapon_[weapon name] and press enter.

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In order to equip the BFG in Doom, you need to first find it. The weapon is located in the second half of the game, and can be found by completing a certain task. Once you have the weapon, you need to go to the options menu and select “weapon” from there.

You will then see the BFG as an option. Select it and press “A” to equip it.