How to Craft a Daylight Sensor in Minecraft

How to Craft a Daylight Sensor in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a daylight sensor is a block that emits a redstone signal when exposed to direct sunlight. The strength of the signal depends on the amount of light that hits the sensor. You can use this block to create all kinds of contraptions, like solar-powered lights or automated doors.

Here’s how you can craft your own daylight sensor in Minecraft: First, you’ll need 3 pieces of obsidian and 1 piece of glass. Place the obsidian in the middle row of your crafting table, with the glass in the top left corner.

This will give you 4 blocks of obsidian. Next, place 1 block of obsidian in the bottom right corner of your crafting table. This will give you 5 blocks of obsidian total.

Now, surround the central obsidian block with coal blocks. You should have 9 blocks of obsidian and 4 coal blocks in your crafting area now. Next, smelt 8 pieces of cobblestone in a furnace to get 8 pieces of stone.

Then, using a pickaxe, mine some redstone from underground – you’ll need at least 4 pieces. Place the stone and redstone around the outside edge of your crafting table like so: Now it’s time to put it all together! First, select one piece each of obsidian and coal from your inventory and place them on opposite sides of an empty square in your crafting grid; then do the same with two more obsidian and coal blocks until you’ve used up all 4 items…

  • Gather the materials you will need for the daylight sensor
  • You will need 3 pieces of redstone dust, 3 pieces of glass, and 1 block of Nether quartz
  • Place the block of Nether quartz in the center of your crafting grid
  • Place the three pieces of glass around the block of Nether quartz in the crafting grid
  • Finally, place the three pieces of redstone dust on top of the glass in the crafting grid
  • This will create a daylight sensor in Minecraft that you can now use to detect light levels in your game world!

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Minecraft Survival: How to Make Daylight Sensor

What are the Materials Needed to Craft a Daylight Sensor in Minecraft

Assuming you would like a list of the materials needed to craft a daylight sensor in Minecraft: -3 blocks of obsidian -1 Nether quartz

How Do You Make a Daylight Sensor in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a daylight sensor is used to detect the level of light. When placed on the ground, it will emit a redstone signal when the light level is low enough for mobs to spawn. The daylight sensor can be crafted with three pieces of obsidian and one piece of glass.

What Does a Daylight Sensor Do in Minecraft

A daylight sensor is a redstone device that produces a redstone signal proportional to the light level it is exposed to. When placed on the ground, a daylight sensor will emit a maximum strength signal during the day and no signal at night. When placed in the Nether or The End, it will always emit no signal.

How to Craft a Daylight Sensor in Minecraft


How to Use Daylight Sensor in Minecraft

Light sensors are a new type of block that can be found in the game Minecraft. When placed, they will emit a redstone signal when exposed to direct sunlight. This makes them perfect for use in redstone circuits, as they can be used to automatically turn on lights or other devices during the day.

To use a light sensor, simply place it on the ground and right-click it with your hand. It will then start emitting a redstone signal that can be used to power any type of redstone device. For example, you could connect it to a set of lamps so that they would turn on automatically when the sun comes up.

One great thing about light sensors is that they can be combined with other types of blocks to create some really cool contraptions. For example, you could combine them with pistons so that doors would open automatically when the sun comes up. There are endless possibilities for what you could do with these handy little blocks!

How to Make a Daylight Sensor Work at Night

As most of you probably know, daylight sensors don’t work at night. That’s because they rely on the light level to determine whether it’s day or night. However, there is a way to make them work at night, and that’s by using a redstone torch.

Place the daylight sensor where you want it, then place a redstone torch next to it. The torch will emit a signal that will tell the sensor it’s still daytime, even when it’s dark out. This trick can be useful for things like automated lights or doors that you only want open during the day.

Inverted Daylight Sensor Minecraft

Inverted daylight sensors are a type of redstone device that is used to detect when it is light or dark outside. They can be used to turn lights on at night and off during the day, or vice versa. Inverted daylight sensors have a small hole in the top that allows light to enter.

If it is daytime and the sun is up, then the sensor will detect this and output a signal. However, if it is nighttime or there is no sunlight (such as underground), then the sensor will not output a signal.


In Minecraft, a daylight sensor can be used to detect the time of day and produce a redstone signal in relation to the strength of the sun’s light. This can be useful for things like making an automated door that only opens during the day. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to craft a daylight sensor in Minecraft:

1. First, you will need 3 blocks of obsidian and 1 block of quartz. 2. Next, place the obsidian blocks in a U shape with the open end facing up and fill the center space with quartz. 3. Finally, right-click on the upper obsidian block with your hand to complete the crafting process and obtain your daylight sensor!