How to Configure Kotlin in Intellij

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that runs on the JVM and can also be compiled to JavaScript. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to configure Kotlin in IntelliJ IDEA. We’ll start by creating a new Kotlin file and then we’ll add some code to print “Hello, world!”.

Finally, we’ll run our program to see the output.

  • Download the Kotlin plugin from IntelliJ IDEA’s Plugin Repository
  • Go to File > Settings > Plugins and click “Install JetBrains plugin”
  • Select the Kotlin plugin and click “Install”
  • Restart IntelliJ IDEA when prompted
  • Configure Kotlin in IntelliJ IDEA: go to File > Settings > Languages & Frameworks > Kotlin and select the desired configuration settings

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Kotlin Not Configured Intellij

Kotlin is not configured in IntelliJ by default. In order to configure Kotlin in IntelliJ, you need to install the Kotlin plugin from JetBrains. Once the Kotlin plugin is installed, you can create a new Kotlin project or convert an existing Java project to Kotlin.

To convert an existing Java project to Kotlin, open your project in IntelliJ and navigate to File -> Convert Java File to Kotlin File.

Kotlin Intellij Plugin

Kotlin is a new programming language created by JetBrains, the company behind the popular IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE. Kotlin is designed to be fully compatible with Java, and can be used to create Android apps, web apps, and even server-side applications. The Kotlin IntelliJ plugin makes it easy to develop Kotlin projects in IntelliJ IDEA, and provides all of the features you would expect from a first-class programming language.

To get started with Kotlin in IntelliJ IDEA, simply install the Kotlin plugin from the JetBrains repository. Once you have the plugin installed, you can create a new Kotlin project by going to File | New | Project and selecting “Kotlin/Java” as your project type. If you’re not familiar with Kotlin, don’t worry – the syntax is very similar to Java, so it should be easy to pick up.

There are also plenty of resources available online to help you learn the language. Once you’ve got a basic understanding of Kotlin, you can start taking advantage of some of its unique features, like null safety and data classes. If you’re coming from a Java background, these features will make your life much easier!

And if you’re already using IntelliJ IDEA for your Java development, then adding Kotlin support will be a breeze.

Intellij Can’T Run Kotlin File

If you’re having trouble running Kotlin files in IntelliJ, there are a few things you can do to try and resolve the issue. First, make sure that you have the latest version of the Kotlin plugin installed. If you don’t, go ahead and update it.

Next, check your project structure to make sure that all of your Kotlin files are located in the correct place. By default, they should be in a folder called “src/main/kotlin”. If everything looks good so far but you’re still having trouble running Kotlin files in IntelliJ, there’s one more thing you can try.

Open up the “Run” menu and select “Edit Configurations”. From here, select the “+” sign and add a new Kotlin configuration. Make sure to name it something like “Kotlin File” so you can easily find it later.

Finally, set the “Main class” field to point to the main Kotlin file in your project (by default this should be named “MainKt”). Hopefully one of these solutions will help get things up and running for you!

Intellij Kotlin Run Configuration Main Class

If you’re developing a Kotlin application in IntelliJ IDEA, you’ll need to create a run configuration for your main class. This blog post will show you how to do that. First, open up your project in IntelliJ IDEA and navigate to the Run menu.

From there, select Edit Configurations…. This will open up the Run/Debug Configurations window. In the left-hand panel of this window, click on the + button and select Kotlin from the resulting menu.

This will create a new Kotlin run configuration. Next, give your configuration a name (e.g. “Kotlin Application”). Then, in the Main Class field, enter the fully qualified name of your main class (e.g. com.example.MyMainClass).

Finally, click on the Apply button and then on the OK button to close the window. Your new Kotlin run configuration is now ready to use!

Kotlin Hello World Intellij

Kotlin is a new programming language created by JetBrains, the company behind IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and other popular IDEs. Kotlin is a statically typed language with type inference that targets the JVM, Android, JavaScript, and Native. Kotlin has been designed to be an industrial-strength language with world-class support.

In this tutorial we’re going to use IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition to create our first Kotlin application. If you don’t have IntelliJ IDEA installed on your computer yet, download the latest version from here: . Once you have it installed and running, let’s create a new project for our Kotlin application.

Open IntelliJ IDEA and select “Create New Project”. On the next screen select “Kotlin” under “Additional Libraries and Frameworks”. You can leave all of the other options at their defaults and click “Next”.

How to Configure Kotlin in Intellij


How Do I Add Configuration to Kotlin Intellij?

Kotlin is a JVM language that can be used to develop Android applications. IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE for developing in Kotlin. In order to add configuration to Kotlin IntelliJ, you need to add the Kotlin plugin.

This can be done by going to File -> Settings -> Plugins. Once you have added the plugin, you will need to configure it. To do this, go to File -> Project Structure.

In the project structure window, select Modules from the left side panel. Then, click on the + icon and select Kotlin/JVM from the list of options.

How Do I Enable Kotlin Plugin in Intellij?

Assuming you have IntelliJ installed, open the preferences dialog. Kotlin should be listed under plugins on the left side of the window. If it’s not there, check to make sure you have the most recent version of IntelliJ.

Once you’ve found Kotlin, select the checkbox and click OK. Restart IntelliJ for the changes to take effect. Now that Kotlin is enabled in your IDE, let’s create a new project so we can start writing some code!

How Do I Compile Kotlin in Intellij?

Assuming you have Kotlin installed, open IntelliJ and create a new project. In the project structure window, select “Modules” on the left. click the “+” button and select “Kotlin/JVM”.

This will add a directory called “kotlinc” to your project. Now you can compile your Kotlin code by running the “compileKotlin” task from Gradle or by using the Build->Make Project menu item in IntelliJ.

Is Intellij Built With Kotlin?

No, IntelliJ is not built with Kotlin. However, the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA (2017.3) comes with built-in support for Kotlin. This means that you can use Kotlin in your projects without having to install any plugins.


Kotlin is a new programming language developed by JetBrains, the company behind IntelliJ IDEA, which is used for Android development. Kotlin can be used with IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, and Eclipse. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to configure Kotlin in IntelliJ IDEA.