How to Charge Htc Vive Controllers

HTC Vive controllers are powered by AA batteries, which can be inserted into the back of the controller. The battery life will vary depending on how frequently the controllers are used, but it is generally recommended to use rechargeable batteries in order to save money in the long run. In order to charge the controllers, they must be connected to the HTC Vive base station via micro-USB cables.

Once done, a red light on the front of each controller will indicate that they are charging.

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Vive controller charging

  • Plug the charging cable into the micro-USB port on the bottom of each controller
  • Connect the other end of the charging cable to a power source, such as a USB port on your computer or a wall charger
  • The controllers will begin charging automatically
  • The status light on each controller will turn red when it is charging, and green when it is fully charged
  • Once the controllers are fully charged, disconnect them from the power source and enjoy using them wirelessly with your HTC Vive!

Charging Vive Focus 3 Controllers

The Vive Focus 3 is a virtual reality headset that was released in May of 2019. The device is manufactured by HTC and uses their own “Focus” line of controllers. The controllers are similar to the ones used with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but they have been slightly redesigned to be more comfortable and ergonomic.

There are two main ways to charge the Vive Focus 3 controllers – through the use of a micro USB cable or through an AC adapter. If you are using a micro USB cable, then you will need to connect it to the controller first and then plug it into either a computer or a power outlet. If you are using an AC adapter, then you can simply plug it directly into the controller.

It is important to note that the AC adapter must be plugged into a power outlet in order for it to work properly. Once the charging process has begun, an LED light on the controller will turn on and remain lit until the battery is fully charged. The amount of time it takes to charge the controllers will vary depending on how depleted they were when you began charging them.

However, it generally takes around 2-3 hours for them to reach full capacity again.

How to Pair Htc Vive Controllers

If you’re looking to pair your HTC Vive controllers, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to do it. First, make sure that your controllers are charged. If they’re not, connect them to a power source using the included micro-USB cables.

Once they’re charged, press and hold the System button (located on the bottom of the controller) for about three seconds until the status light starts blinking. Next, open up the SteamVR app on your computer and click “Pair Controller.” The app will walk you through the rest of the process, which includes choosing a player number and then calibrating your controllers.

That’s it! You’re now ready to use your controllers with your HTC Vive.

Htc Vive Different Controller

HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. The headset uses “room scale” tracking technology, allowing the user to move in 3D space and use motion-tracked handheld controllers to interact with the environment.

Htc Vive Finger Tracking Controller

HTC has announced a new finger-tracking controller for the Vive virtual reality headset. The tracker, which attaches to the user’s index finger, uses infrared light to track the position and movement of the user’s hand. This allows for more accurate and realistic VR experiences, as users will be able to interact with virtual objects more like they would in the real world.

The tracker is currently available for developers only, but it is expected to be released to the general public later this year.

Vive Controller Slow Blinking Blue Light

The Vive controller is one of the most important pieces of hardware for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. It allows users to interact with and navigate their VR environment. The controller features a trackpad, grip buttons, and dual-stage triggers, as well as a variety of other input options.

The Vive controller also has haptic feedback, which adds to the immersion of VR. One issue that some users have been having is that the Vive controller’s blue light slowly blinks when it is not in use. This can be quite annoying, especially if you are trying to enjoy your VR experience without any distractions.

There are a few potential causes for this issue. The first possibility is that the battery may be low. If this is the case, then simply charging the controller should fix the problem.

Another possibility is that there may be something wrong with the Bluetooth connection between the controller and the HTC Vive headset. In this case, you may need to restart your device or pair your controllers again. Finally, it is also possible that this issue could be caused by a software bug.

If none of these solutions work, then you may need to wait for an update from HTC or Valve (the company that designed and built the Vive). We hope that this article was helpful in troubleshooting your slow blinking blue light issue on your Vive controller!

How to Charge Htc Vive Controllers


How Do I Charge My Htc Vive Pro Controller?

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing how to charge the HTC Vive Pro controller: The HTC Vive Pro is a virtual reality headset that was released in April 2018. The controllers that come with the Vive Pro are rechargeable through micro-USB.

In order to charge the controllers, you will need to connect them to the power adapter that comes with the headset. Once they are connected, the charging indicator light on the controller will turn on and it will take approximately two and a half hours to fully charge.

How Do You Charge Htc Vive?

Assuming you are referring to the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, it must be plugged into a power outlet using the included power adapter. Once plugged in, you can press the power button on the headset to turn it on. If everything is working properly, a green light will appear on the front of the headset.

How Long Do Vive Controllers Need to Charge?

Vive controllers are powered by AA batteries, and on a full charge will last approximately 20 hours. To extend the life of your controllers, it is recommended to only use them when needed and to turn them off when not in use. When not in use, controller batteries can be charged via the micro-USB port located on the bottom of each controller.

A full charge will take approximately 2.5 hours.

How Do You Charge a Vr Controller?

Assuming you are talking about the controllers for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality headsets: There are generally two ways to charge these controllers. The first is via a micro USB cable and the second is with AA batteries.

If you have a micro USB cable handy, simply plug it into the controller and then into an available USB port on your PC. The controller will begin charging automatically. Depending on how depleted the battery is, it can take up to two hours to fully charge.

If you don’t have a micro USB cable, or would prefer not to use one, you can also use AA batteries. To do this, open up the battery compartment on the back of the controller and insert two fresh AA batteries. Once they’re in place, close up the compartment and your controller will be good to go.

Just keep in mind that batteries won’t last as long as when using a charged micro USB cable – you’ll probably get around 4-5 hours of use before needing to swap them out for fresh ones.


If your HTC Vive controllers are not charging, there are a few things you can try. First, check to make sure that the controllers are properly connected to the power adapter. If they are, then try plugging the adapter into a different outlet.

If that doesn’t work, try resetting the controllers by holding down the trigger and menu button simultaneously for 10 seconds. If none of these solutions work, then you may need to replace the batteries in your controllers.