How to Breed Rockantium – Best 7 Ways to Breed

Breed Rockantium

To successfully breed Rockantium, it is important to know a few things about its natural habitat and behavior. In the wild, these lizards are found in rocky areas with plenty of hiding places. They are shy creatures that spend most of their time hiding from predators and waiting for prey.

When they do come out to hunt or bask in the sun, they are quick and agile.

How to Breed Rockantium?
[Answer]: Rockantium can be bred by cross-pollinating two Rockantium flowers of different varieties. It is important to ensure that the Rockantium flowers being used for breeding are healthy and strong for successful breeding.

Monster Legends | Rockantium | Level 1 to 100 | How to Breed Rockantium

  • Find a male and female Rockantium that you would like to breed
  • Place the two Rockantium in an enclosure where they can’t escape and there is plenty of food and water
  • Wait for the two Rockantium to mate
  • This could take a few days or even weeks
  • Once the two have mated, the female will lay her eggs in a nest she has made
  • The male will then fertilize the eggs and stand guard over them until they hatch
  • Once the eggs hatch, the young Rockantium will need to be fed until they are old enough to fend for themselves

How Much Time Does It Take to Breed Rockantium?

On average, it takes about 50 days for Rockantium to breed. The cycle begins with the female Rockantium laying a clutch of eggs (usually 2-4). Once the eggs are laid, the male will fertilize them and then incubate them for 28-30 days.

After hatching, the young Rockantium will mature quickly, reaching adulthood in just 20-25 days.

Is Rockantium Good?

Yes, Rockantium is good. It is a very strong and durable metal that is used in many different applications.

What is the Easiest Legendary to Breed in Monster Legends?

What is the Easiest Legendary to Breed in Monster Legends

There are a few different ways to breed monsters in Monster Legends, but the easiest way to breed a legendary is by using two basic monsters of the same element. For example, if you want to breed the Fire legendary monster Magmaburn, you would need to use two basic Fire monsters. The chance of breeding a legendary is very low, so it may take several tries before you are successful.

How Do You Breed a Legendary Monster in Monster Legends?

In Monster Legends, breeding is how you obtain new monsters. By selecting two parent monsters, you can produce an egg that will hatch into a newborn monster. There are many different possible combinations of parents that you can use to try and breed a legendary monster.

However, there is no guaranteed way to do so. The first thing you need to know is the element of the legendary monster you’re trying to breed. This will narrow down which parent monsters you can use.

For example, if you want to breed a Legendary Fire Monster, both of your parent monsters must also be fire-type. You can check a monster’s element by looking at the icon next to its name in your collection. Once you’ve determined the elements of the parents, it’s time to select them and see if they are compatible.

The game will show you what eggs each pair of parents can produce before you confirm your choice. If one of the possible eggs is the legendary monster you want, then go ahead and select those parents. Otherwise, keep trying different combinations until you find a compatible pair.

It should be noted that even if two parents are compatible and have a chance of producing your desired legendary monster, there is still no guarantee that they will do so. Sometimes it may take multiple tries with the same pair of parents before finally getting the result you want. Patience is key when breeding legendaries!

How Do You Breed a Legendary Monster in Monster Legends


Rockantium is a new, rare rock type that can be found in the wild. In order to breed Rockantium, you will need to have two parent rocks of different genders. The gender of a rock can be determined by its color; male rocks are typically red, while female rocks are green.

To breed Rockantium, place the two parent rocks next to each other and wait for them to mate. After they have mated, a baby Rockantium will appear. This process can be repeated as many times as desired in order to produce more Rockantiums.