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How to Attack Cover 3

A Cover 3 defense is designed to defend against the deep pass. To attack this type of defense, the offense needs to be able to run the ball effectively and take advantage of short passing routes. The key is to keep the defense honest by being able to hit big plays when they do occur.

Attacking Cover 3

  • There are a few key things to remember when attacking Cover 3: 1
  • Look for holes in the zone
  • The defense will typically be weakest along the seams, so look to attack there
  • Be aware of the deep safety
  • He will be responsible for any passes over the top, so make sure your receiver isn’t running into his coverage area
  • Attack with quick passing routes
  • The defense is designed to defend against deep passes, so short and intermediate routes can often be successful against Cover 3
  • Use play-action passing to keep the defense honest
  • If they bite on the fake, you may have a chance to hit a big play downfield

How to Beat Cover 4

Cover 4 is a type of defensive alignment used in football. The basic idea behind Cover 4 is to have four defenders cover four deep zones in the field. This leaves the middle of the field open for the linebackers and safeties to defend.

To beat Cover 4, offenses typically use quick passes or run plays to exploit the open areas in the defense. Another way to beat Cover 4 is to use play-action passes, which can fool the defense into thinking a run play is happening when it’s really a pass. Offenses can also use motion to their advantage against Cover 4.

By moving receivers around before the snap, they can force the defense to adjust its coverage and create openings in the secondary. Finally, teams can take advantage ofCover 4 by running double moves with their receivers. This involves running a route one way before quickly cutting back towards the quarterback.

This can confuse defenders and create space for receivers to make a catch. If you’re facing a team that uses Cover 4, there are several ways you can attack it and score points. With some planning and execution, you can pick apart this type of defense and come out on top.

How to Beat Cover 2

In order to beat Cover 2, the offense must be able to effectively run the ball and also hit big plays downfield. The key is to keep the defense honest by being able to do both. The first step is to establish the run early on.

This will force the defense to respect the play action pass, opening up opportunities for explosive plays downfield. The second step is to take advantage of any openings that present themselves in the coverage. If the defense starts cheating up to stop the run, look for ways to exploit the gaps that open up in their coverage.

With a little patience and execution, it is possible beat this defensive scheme. It just takes some good old fashioned hard work and execution on offense.

How to Beat Cover 3 Madden 23

When playing Madden 23, one of the best ways to beat Cover 3 is to use quick passes. This will force the defense to drop back, allowing you to pick up some easy yards. Another way to beat Cover 3 is to run a lot of crossing routes.

This will cause confusion in the defensive backfield and allow you to pick up some big gains. Finally, using play action can also be effective against Cover 3. If you can sell the play fake well, you’ll be able to hit some open receivers downfield for some big plays.

How to Beat Cover 3 Madden 22

Cover 3 is one of the most popular defensive formations in Madden 22. Here are some tips on how to beat Cover 3: 1. Use play-action passes.

If you can catch the defense off guard with a play-action pass, you’ll have a good chance of hitting a big play. 2. Attack the seams. The seams are the areas between the defenders in a Cover 3 formation.

If you can find a receiver open in those areas, you should be able to get him the ball for a big gain. 3 . Look for “hot” reads.

A “hot” read is when the quarterback immediately throws to a receiver who has just come open. This can often happen against Cover 3 when one of the underneath defenders gets caught out of position. If you see it happening, be ready to make the throw right away.

How to Beat Cover 3 Sky

When it comes to playing against Cover 3 Sky, there are a few things that you can do to give yourself an edge. First and foremost, you need to understand how this coverage works. Essentially, the defense will drop three defenders deep into coverage while four players stay near the line of scrimmage to defend the run.

The key for any offense is to attack the seams in this type of coverage. By finding holes in between the deep defenders, you can make big plays downfield. Another thing to keep in mind is thatCover 3 Sky leaves the middle of the field wide open, so be sure to take advantage of that with quick passes or crossing routes.

Finally, don’t forget about using play-action when facing Cover 3 Sky. This can help freeze the deep defenders for a moment and allow your receivers more time to get open. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be well on your way towards beating this tough coverage scheme.

How To Attack Cover 3


How Do You Attack in Cover 3 Zone?

When playing Cover 3 zone, the defense is divided into three deep zones. The corners are responsible for the outside thirds and the free safety is responsible for the middle third. The strong safety patrols the short middle area between the hash marks.

The key to attacking this type of defense is to find the holes in each zone. AgainstCover 3, offenses will often target the seams between the corner and free safety or look to hit quick passes in front of the linebackers to space them out. Another option is to attack vertically by running go routes or post routes towards the deep corners.

By understanding how each zone works, offenses can exploitCover 3’s weaknesses and put points on the board.

How to Play against Cover 3?

In American football, Cover 3 is a defensive alignment consisting of four down linemen and four defenders playing zone coverage in deep thirds (about 1/3 of the field) of the field. The remaining five defenders (usually linebackers and safeties) play “in the box” close to the line of scrimmage, either man-to-man or zone coverage. When playing against Cover 3, it is important to take note of where the three deep defenders are positioned.

This will give you an idea of which areas of the field are most vulnerable. It is also important to be aware of the route combinations that can beat this type of coverage. One way to attack Cover 3 is by using quick passing routes.

This can force the deep defenders to come up and make plays on the ball, leaving their zones open for exploitation. Another way to attack Cover 3 is by running vertical routes. This forces the deep defenders to stay put and defend their zones, while also opening up space underneath for other receivers to exploit.

What is the Weakness of Cover 3?

When it comes to the weakness of Cover 3, there are a few things that come to mind. One is that because it is a zone coverage, there can be some potential gaping holes in the defense if receivers are able to find them. Additionally, while three deep defenders can help prevent big plays downfield, it also means that there is less help on shorter and intermediate routes, which could lead to some big gainers for the offense if they’re able to exploit those areas.

Finally, since Cover 3 relies heavily on the cornerbacks in particular to defend their respective thirds of the field, if they get beat or make a mistake it can often be costly since there’s little margin for error.

How Do You Bomb Cover 3 in Madden 22?

When it comes to Madden 22, one of the most popular questions is how to beat Cover 3. While there are a few different ways to do this, one of the most effective is by bombing it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to bomb Cover 3 in Madden 22: 1. Find an open receiver: This should be your first priority when looking to beat Cover 3. Look for a receiver who has separation from their defender and is in a good position to make a catch.

2. Lead your receiver: Once you’ve found an open receiver, it’s time to put the ball where only they can catch it. Be sure to lead your receiver so they can make the catch without having to adjust too much. 3. Put some touch on the ball: Just because you’re throwing deep doesn’t mean you have to throw it as hard as you can.

Instead, put some touch on the ball so it floats over defenders and into your receiver’s hands for an easy catch.


Cover 3 is a common defensive scheme in football. It is a zone defense where each defender is responsible for a third of the field. The corners drop back to defend the deep thirds, while the linebackers and safeties split the remaining third of the field between them.

To attack Cover 3, offenses typically target the seams between the defenders. This can be done by running routes that exploit these gaps, or by throwing to areas where there are no defenders. Another way to attack Cover 3 is to use play-action passes, which can draw the linebackers and safeties up towards the line of scrimmage and open up gaps in the defense.

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