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How Tall is Commander Shepard

Commander Shepard is a character in the Mass Effect video game series. The character is 6 feet tall, but there is some debate over how tall the character actually is. Some people believe that Commander Shepard is taller than 6 feet, while others believe that the character is shorter than 6 feet.

However, there is no definitive answer to this question.


Commander Shepard is one of the most iconic characters in video gaming. The character is so popular that there are many fan-made videos and articles speculating about the character’s height. Commander Shepard’s height has never been officially confirmed, but based on the character’s proportions, many fans believe that Shepard is around 6 feet tall.

However, some fans believe that Shepard may be taller than 6 feet, and some believe that the character may be shorter. No matter what Commander Shepard’s actual height is, there is no doubt that the character is a towering figure in the video game world.

How Tall Is Commander Shepard


How Tall is Commander Shepard

Assuming you are referring to the character from the Mass Effect video game series, Commander Shepard is 6 feet tall. This is according to the character’s official bio on the Mass Effect website. However, in-game Commander Shepard’s height can be customized by the player, so their actual in-game height may differ.


In the Mass Effect video game series, Commander Shepard is the main character. The player can choose to make Shepard male or female, and their height is adjustable. However, the canonical version of Shepard is 6’2″ (183 cm) tall for a male and 5’7″ (170 cm) for a female.

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