How Strong is Mr Popo

Mr Popo is one of the strongest people in the world. He can lift huge weights and he can run very fast. He is also very brave and he is never afraid of anything.

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How Strong Is Mr Popo? | Dragon Ball Code

In the Dragon Ball Z anime, Mr. Popo is a powerful genie who serves as the attendant to Kami, the guardian of Earth. He is incredibly strong, and is said to be immortal. He has defeated some of the strongest fighters in the series, including Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo.

However, he is not invincible; he was once defeated by Tien Shinhan.

How Strong is Mr Popo


How Strong is Mr Popo

In the Dragon Ball series, Mr. Popo is a powerful genie who serves as the attendant to Kami, the guardian of Earth. He is featured prominently in the series’ early sagas. Despite his appearance, Mr. Popo is incredibly strong and has demonstrated numerous times that he is more than capable of holding his own in a fight against powerful opponents such as Goku and Piccolo.

Mr. Popo’s true strength is difficult to gauge due to the fact that he rarely fights seriously and usually holds back when fighting against weaker opponents. However, there have been several occasions where Mr. Popo has fought at full power and shown himself to be an immensely powerful fighter. In the anime filler arc “The Return of Goku”, Mr. Popo was able to easily defeat Goku after the latter had become considerably stronger from training with King Kai.

And in Dragon Ball Z: God and God, Mr. Popo faced off against Universe 6’s God of Destruction Beerus and held his own for a brief period of time before being effortlessly knocked out by the god’s attack . Overall, Mr. Popo is an extremely powerful being whose true strength is unknown but presumably very great nonetheless..

Is Mr Popo Stronger Than Goku

In the Dragon Ball series, Mr. Popo is an immortal genie who serves as the attendant of Earth’s Guardian Deity. He is bound to serve whomever holds the job of guardian and has been shown to be very powerful, often training Goku and helping him in difficult situations. However, there are a few instances where it seems like Mr. Popo might be even stronger than Goku himself.

For example, in Dragon Ball Z, when Vegeta first comes to Earth, he confronts Mr. Popo and tells him that he could easily destroy the planet if he wanted to. Mr. Popo doesn’t seem particularly worried about this threat and simply tells Vegeta that he wouldn’t do such a thing because it would upset his master (Kami). This exchange implies that Mr. Popo is at least confident that he could take on Vegeta in a fight and come out victorious.

There are also a few scenes where Mr. Popo is seen training Goku and pushing him to his limits. In one instance, after receiving a severe beating from Piccolo, Goku asks Mr. Popo to train him even harder so that he can become strong enough to defeat Piccolo next time they fight (which of course he eventually does). If Mr. Popo was not confident in his own abilities, there’s no way he would have taken on such an intense training regime with someone as powerful as Piccolo running around loose on Earth.

So while we can’t say for sure whether or not Mr.

How Does Mr Popo Compare to Other Dragon Ball Characters in Terms of Strength

In the Dragon Ball series, Mr. Popo is considered to be one of the strongest characters. He is able to easily defeat Goku and Vegeta, two of the strongest fighters in the series. In terms of his strength, he is likely on par with or even stronger than Frieza and Cell, two of the other main villains in the series.

Mr. Popo’s strength comes from a variety of factors. He has been alive for thousands of years, which has given him plenty of time to train and grow stronger. Additionally, he is a magical being, which gives him access to powers that other characters do not have.

For example, he can fly without using ki energy like most other characters in the series. In conclusion, Mr. Popo is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball due to his age, magical abilities, and training regime.


In the blog post “How Strong is Mr. Popo,” the author discusses the character of Mr. Popo from the anime show Dragon Ball Z. The author describes how Mr. Popo is often underestimated because of his small stature and unassuming appearance, but notes that he is actually one of the strongest characters in the series. The author goes on to list some of Mr. Popo’s feats of strength, including his ability to lift incredibly heavy objects and withstand powerful attacks. The author concludes by asserting that Mr. Popo is a powerful force to be reckoned with, and should not be underestimated.