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How Old is Toriel

Toriel is a Goat Mom and the first boss encountered in Undertale. She is kind and caring, but can be strict when it comes to teaching her students. Toriel is also shown to be very protective of those she cares for, as seen when she tries to keep Asgore and Frisk from fighting.

According to Alphys, Toriel was once married to Asgore, but the two eventually divorced due to their different views on humans. Despite this, the two still care for each other deeply.

How old I think Undertale characters are (Read description)

In the world of Undertale, there is no definitive answer to the question of how old Toriel is. All we know for sure is that she is an ancient creature who has lived in the Underground for many centuries. Her exact age is unknown, but she appears to be middle-aged or older.

Based on her appearance and behavior, it’s safe to say that Toriel is at least a few hundred years old. Despite her advanced age, Toriel remains a kind and caring individual. She takes care of any creature that comes into her home, regardless of whether they are friend or foe.

She is also a fierce protector of those she cares about, and will go to great lengths to keep them safe. In many ways, Toriel embodies the ideal mother figure: loving, nurturing, and fiercely protective. While we may not know exactly how old Toriel is, there’s no doubt that she is one of the most intriguing characters in Undertale.

Her mystery only adds to her charm, and makes us appreciate her all the more.

How Old Is Toriel


-How Old is Toriel

Toriel is a goat monster who is estimated to be around 200 years old. She has lived in the Underground for most of her life, only leaving to take care of her younger brother when their mother died. When Asgore started the war with humans, she left him and took refuge in the Ruins.


In the post, the author discusses how old Toriel is. They mention that she is likely around 50 years old, based on her appearance and the fact that she was once married to Asgore. However, they also note that it is possible she is older than this, as monsters age differently to humans and we do not know exactly how long they live.

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