How Much is Annual Fee Planet Fitness: Unveiling the Cost

How Much is Annual Fee Planet Fitness

The annual fee for Planet Fitness is $39 per year. If you’re looking for information about the pricing and fees at Planet Fitness, the annual fee is $39, which is billed once per year.

It’s important to note that the date of the annual fee billing depends on your join date and membership type. Planet Fitness offers different membership options, including the Classic Membership and PF Black Card® Membership. With the annual fee, members can enjoy access to a clean and spacious gym facility.

Additionally, Planet Fitness also offers amenities and benefits with their Black Card membership.

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Understanding The Annual Fee

Understanding the Annual Fee at Planet Fitness is important for those considering a membership. The Annual Fee is a one-time fee charged to members on a yearly basis. It is separate from the monthly membership fee and is used to help cover club maintenance and improvement costs. Planet Fitness charges an Annual Fee of $39 for most members. The specific billing date for the Annual Fee is dependent on the join date and membership type. It is important to note that the Annual Fee is mandatory for all members and cannot be waived. However, the Annual Fee is not charged immediately upon joining and is typically billed around a certain month, varying by location. While the Annual Fee adds to the overall cost of membership, many members find the value of the facilities and services at Planet Fitness to be worth the fee.

Factors Influencing The Cost

Membership types and their associated fees: Planet Fitness offers different membership options with varying fees. The Classic Membership typically has a lower annual fee compared to the PF Black Card® Membership, which offers additional benefits and services.

Location-based pricing differences: The cost of the annual fee may vary depending on the location of the Planet Fitness gym. Fees can differ between cities or even within the same city.

Additional services and amenities: Planet Fitness provides various amenities and services, such as group fitness classes, tanning beds, massage chairs, and HydroMassage beds. These additional services may impact the annual fee.

Comparing The Cost

Planet Fitness offers affordable gym memberships with an annual fee that varies depending on your join date and membership type. The cost-effectiveness of Planet Fitness memberships can be compared to other gyms in terms of cost, but it’s important to look beyond the price tag. While Planet Fitness has competitive membership rates, it’s crucial to consider any hidden costs that might arise. Some gyms may charge additional fees for services or amenities that are included in the Planet Fitness membership. It’s also worth noting that Planet Fitness offers a Black Card membership option, which provides additional benefits and perks for a slightly higher monthly fee. So, when contemplating the cost of a Planet Fitness membership, it’s essential to evaluate not only the annual fee but also the overall value you’ll receive.

 How Much is Annual Fee Planet Fitness: Unveiling the Cost


Frequently Asked Questions Of How Much Is Annual Fee Planet Fitness

How To Not Pay Planet Fitness Annual Fee?

To avoid paying the annual fee at Planet Fitness: 1. Choose a membership plan that does not charge an annual fee. 2. Look for promotions or discounts that waive the annual fee. 3. Cancel your membership before the annual fee is due to avoid payment.

4. Contact customer service to inquire about any possible options to waive the fee. 5. Consider other gyms that offer memberships without annual fees.

Why Does Planet Fitness Make You Pay An Annual Fee?

Planet Fitness charges an annual fee to cover maintenance costs and upgrades to their facilities.

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Planet Fitness?

There is no cancellation fee for Planet Fitness.

Is The Black Card At Planet Fitness Worth It?

The black card at Planet Fitness is worth it because it allows you to access additional benefits.


To summarize, the annual fee for Planet Fitness varies depending on your membership type and join date. It is billed once per year and can be a factor to consider when budgeting for your fitness expenses. Whether it is worth it or not depends on the additional benefits you may receive with the Black Card membership.

To get accurate information about the annual fee, it is recommended to contact Planet Fitness directly.