How Much is a Corviknight Vmax Worth

How Much is a Corviknight Vmax Worth

In the world of Pokémon, a Corviknight Vmax is worth its weight in gold. This massive flying-type Pokémon is not only incredibly rare, but also incredibly powerful. With a base stat total of 714, it’s one of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon in the game.

And with a max CP of 4,178, it can take down even the most powerful opponents. So how much is a Corviknight Vmax worth? Let’s take a look.

Corviknight Vmax is worth a lot! It was recently released as a promotional card for the Sword and Shield expansion, and it is already fetching high prices on the secondary market. Some sellers are asking over $100 for this rare card, and it is only going to become more valuable as time goes on.

If you’re lucky enough to own one of these cards, hold onto it tightly – it could be worth a small fortune in the future!

How Much is a Corviknight Vmax Worth


What is a Corviknight Vmax Worth?

A Corviknight Vmax is worth a lot! It has high base stats all around, making it a very versatile Pokémon. In addition, its Gigantamax form is absolutely massive and has some of the strongest moves in the game.

All of this makes it a very sought-after Pokémon, and its value reflects that.

How Much is a Gigantamax Corviknight Worth?

A Gigantamax Corviknight is worth approximately $100. This price is based on the Pokemon’s size, weight, and rarity. Gigantamax Corviknights are the rarest of the three Corviknight evolutions, making them more valuable than their non-Gigantamax counterparts.

They are also one of the heaviest pokemon, which contributes to their value.

How Much is a Vmax Card Worth?

A Vmax card is worth $199.99.

How Much is Corviknight Shiny Worth?

It is difficult to ascertain the exact value of a Corviknight shiny because there are so few of them in existence. However, based on supply and demand, it is safe to say that they are worth a lot of money. There have been instances where people have sold their Corviknight shinies for over $1,000.

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Corviknight Vmax Full Art Price

Corviknight Vmax Full Art is currently worth an estimated $180. This value is subject to change, however, as the card’s value is based on its market price. The Corviknight Vmax Full Art card was released as a part of the Sword and Shield expansion and is one of the rarest cards in the set.

The card features a massive Corviknight Pokemon with intricate artwork. The rarity and impressive artwork make this card highly sought after by collectors and competitive players alike.

How Much is Corviknight Vmax Rainbow Worth

Corviknight Vmax Rainbow is a special edition of the Corviknight Pokémon. It was released as part of the Sword and Shield expansion. This Pokémon is incredibly rare and highly sought after by collectors.

As of right now, there are no confirmed sales of this Pokémon. However, based on its rarity and desirability, it is estimated that Corviknight Vmax Rainbow is worth at least $1000.

Corviknight Vmax Holo Price

Corviknight Vmax Holo is a new card from the Sword & Shield set. It’s a massive Pokemon, with an attack of 230 and a defense of 180. As you might expect, it’s quite expensive; the Corviknight Vmax Holo currently sells for around $280.

Corviknight Vmax Price Psa 10

Corviknight Vmax is a new Pokemon card that was just released. It is a rare card, and it is very powerful. It has an attack called “Gigantamax” which does 50 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokemon.

This card is sure to be popular with collectors and players alike.


A Corviknight Vmax is worth around $10. This price is for the Pokémon card itself and does not include shipping or other fees. The card is from the Sword & Shield expansion and is a very rare find.

It has high HP and can fly, making it a powerful addition to any collection.