How Much Does Ghetto Gaggers Pay

How Much Does Ghetto Gaggers Pay

When it comes to adult, there are different levels of pay. For example, an amateur couple may be paid a few hundred dollars for a scene. On the other hand, top performers in the industry can make thousands of dollars per scene.

So, how much does Ghetto Gaggers pay? Ghetto Gaggers is a reality adult site that features black women being gagged and having pleasureed by white men. The scenes on the site are brutal and often involve choking, spitting, and face having pleasureing.

Because of the nature of the content, Ghetto Gaggers pays its performers very well. In fact, some of the top performers on the site make over $5,000 per scene!

Ghetto Gaggers is a website that features videos of black women being gagged and degraded. They claim to pay their performers $500 per scene, but it’s hard to verify this information. Based on what I could find online, it seems that most of the women who work for Ghetto Gaggers are paid very little – if anything at all.

This is likely because they are desperate for money and are willing to do anything – including degrading themselves – to get it. It’s truly sad and sickening. If you’re looking for quality adult, I suggest you look elsewhere.

There are plenty of great sites out there that don’t exploit women like Ghetto Gaggers does.

How Much Does Ghetto Gaggers Pay


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How Much Does Ghetto Gaggers Pay

This is a difficult question to answer definitively as Ghetto Gaggers is a highly secretive organization and does not release detailed information about its finances publicly. However, we can make some educated guesses based on the available information. Ghetto Gaggers is thought to be one of the most well-funded adult entertainment companies in the world, with an estimated annual revenue in the tens of millions of dollars.

Based on this, it is reasonable to believe that they pay their performers very well, likely in the range of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per scene. So how much does Ghetto Gaggers pay specifically? Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure without being part of the organization or having access to their financial records.

However, given their high level of funding and profitability, it is safe to say that their performers are among the highest-paid in the industry.

How Often Do Ghetto Gaggers Updates Their Content

The Ghetto Gaggers site is updated regularly with new content. There is no set schedule for when new content is added, but it is typically several times a week. The site has a large archive of past scenes, so there is always plenty of material to enjoy.

What Kind of Content Does Ghetto Gaggers Offer

Ghetto Gaggers is a website that offers a variety of content including videos, pictures, and blogs. The site focuses on black women who are involved in the adult entertainment industry. The content includes interviews with adult stars, behind-the-scenes footage, and advice columns.

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According to the blog post, Ghetto Gaggers pays its female performers $500 per scene. The company also has a policy of paying its male performers 50% less than what it pays its female performers.