How Much Does Big Ben Weigh

How Much Does Big Ben Weigh

The clock tower commonly referred to as Big Ben is actually the Great Bell of Westminster. The tower holds the largest four-faced chiming clock in the world and is one of London’s most famous landmarks. The original bell was cast in 1858 and weighed 16 tons (14,000 kg).

It cracked after being struck by the hammer during testing and had to be replaced. The current bell, which has been in place since 1859, weighs 13.5 tons (12,100 kg).

Looking at Big Ben from the ground, it’s hard to believe that this massive clock tower weighs in at a whopping 15.1 tonnes! That’s over 33,000 pounds! The weight of the four clock faces is also impressive – each one weighs 2.2 tonnes, or just under 5,000 pounds.

The original bell inside Big Ben weighed 16 tonnes (35,273 pounds), but it cracked when first rung and had to be replaced. The current bell weighs 13.5 tonnes (29,924 pounds). It’s no wonder that this giant of a clock is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London!

Weight of Big Ben in Kg

Big Ben, the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster in London, is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. The tower is 96.3 meters tall and weighs 13.7 metric tons. The main bell, named “Great George”, weighs 16 metric tons.

How Much Does Big Ben Weigh


How Much Does the Big Ben Building Weigh?

The Big Ben building, located in London, England, is a world-famous clock tower. The structure weighs approximately 13.5 metric tons.

How Much Does Big Ben’S Bell Weigh?

The clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, popularly known as Big Ben, is one of London’s most iconic landmarks. The bell inside the tower weighs 13.5 tonnes (29,980 lb) and has an diameter of 2.27 metres (7 feet 5 inches). It was cast by John Warner & Sons at Stockton-on-Tees in 1858, and first rang on 11 July 1859.

How Many Pounds is the Big Ben?

Big Ben, the famous London clock tower, weighs an estimated 16 tonnes. That means it weighs about 35,000 pounds!

How Much Did Big Ben Weigh at His Heaviest?

Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of Westminster, and is usually used to refer to both the bell and the clock tower. The tower itself is 96.3 metres high, and contains 11 floors. The bell weighs 13.5 tonnes, making it the largest ringing bell in Europe.

Big Ben was named after Benjamin Hall, the first Commissioner of Works for whom the new clock tower was built in 1858.

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The Big Ben, located in London, is one of the most famous and recognizable clocks in the world. But how much does this clock actually weigh? According to recent estimates, the Big Ben weighs a whopping 13.7 tons!

That’s equivalent to the weight of two African elephants!