How Much Does a Walrus Weigh

How Much Does a Walrus Weigh

A walrus can weigh anywhere from 1,400 to 2,200 pounds. They are extremely curious creatures and have been known to approach humans out of curiosity. While their size might make them seem intimidating, they are generally gentle animals that do not pose a threat to humans.

A walrus can weigh up to a ton, making them one of the heaviest animals on Earth. They’re also some of the longest-lived mammals, with an average lifespan of around 30 years. So, how much does a walrus weigh?

The answer depends on the species. The Pacific walrus is the largest, weighing up to 1,700 pounds (770 kilograms). The Atlantic walrus is smaller, topping out at about 1,200 pounds (550 kg).

Male walruses are typically larger than females. Walruses are well-known for their thick layers of blubber, which help keep them warm in cold water and provide energy when food is scarce. This blubber can make up as much as 60 percent of a walrus’s weight.

What Does a Walrus Eat

Awalrus is a marine mammal that lives in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. It is the largest member of the pinniped family, which also includes seals and sea lions. Walruses are distinguished by their long tusks, which they use to break through ice and forage for food.

The walrus diet consists primarily of clams, although they will also eat other mollusks, crustaceans, and small fish. To eat their prey, walruses use their long, sharp tusks to open up the shells of clams. They then suck out the meat with their tube-like mouths.

Walruses can consume up to 3% of their body weight in clams each day!

How Much Does a Walrus Weigh


How Much Does a Full Size Walrus Weigh?

A full size walrus can weigh anywhere from 1,500 to 2,300 pounds. They are the largest species of pinniped, which is a group of marine mammals that also includes seals and sea lions. Walruses are found in the Arctic regions of Russia, Canada, and Greenland.

Males are typically much larger than females and can grow to be up to 11 feet long and 3 meters tall at the shoulder.

What is the Heaviest Walrus Ever?

The heaviest walrus ever recorded was a bull shot in the Chukchi Sea in 1960. It weighed an estimated 2,315 kg (5,100 lb) and measured 5.8 m (19 ft) in length. This is significantly larger than the average adult male walrus, which weighs around 1,400 kg (3,100 lb) and measures 3-4 m (10-13 ft) in length.

The largest walrus ever found was a female weighing 3,600 kg (7,900 lb), but this specimen was never officially weighed or measured. Walruses are large marine mammals with bulky bodies, long tusks and whiskers. They are most commonly found in the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas, such as the Bering Sea and East Siberian Sea.

Walruses typically feed on benthic invertebrates such as clams and worms. However, their diet can also include fish, crustaceans and even small seals. While walruses can grow to massive size, they are not immune to predators.

Orcas (killer whales) have been known to attack and kill adult walruses, while polar bears will target calves or weak individuals.

How Much Do Bull Walrus Weigh?

Bull walrus weigh an average of 3,000 to 4,000 pounds. However, some bulls have been known to weigh as much as 5,000 pounds. The heaviest recorded bull walrus was 5,690 pounds.

How Much Does a Walrus Tusk Weigh?

A walrus tusk can weigh up to 50 pounds (23 kilograms). The heaviest tusk ever recorded weighed 118 pounds 9 ounces (53.9 kilograms).

How Big is a Walrus?


In short, a walrus can weigh anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000 pounds. However, there is no definitive answer as to how much a walrus weighs on average. This is due to the fact that walruses come in different sizes and weights depending on their age, sex, and health.