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How Much Does a 10 Ft Roll of Tpo Weigh

A 10 ft roll of Tpo weighs about 80-85 lbs. It is a rolled membrane that is used in roofing applications. It is made of polyester fabric that is coated with PVC and then laminated with a UV-resistant film.

The thickness of the membrane ranges from 40 to 60 mils.

If you’re looking to install a new roof on your home or commercial building, you may be wondering how much a 10 ft roll of TPO weighs. This can be important to know for both shipping and installation purposes. TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a popular choice for roofs because it’s durable and heat-resistant.

It’s also relatively lightweight, which makes it easy to work with during installation. So, how much does a 10 ft roll of TPO weigh? On average, a 10 ft roll of TPO will weigh between 40 and 50 pounds.

This can vary slightly depending on the thickness of the material and manufacturer. Keep in mind that rolls come in various widths, so make sure you know the dimensions of your project before ordering. Installing a new roof is a big job, but with the help of TPO, it can be manageable – even for DIYers!

Just remember to take proper safety precautions and always consult with a professional if you have any questions along the way.

How Much Does a 10 Ft Roll of Tpo Weigh?
A 10 ft roll of TPO typically weighs around 80-90 lbs.

How to measure a roof and calculate square feet. | 01/2020

How Much Does a Roll of Tpo Weigh

A roll of Tpo weighs about 10 lbs.

How Much Does a Roll of 60 Mil Tpo Weight

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting roofing material, 60 mil TPO could be the right choice for you. But how much does a roll of 60 mils Tpo weigh? 60 mil Tpo weighs about 3.5 pounds per square foot.

This means that a 10×10 foot roll of 60 mils Tpo would weigh about 350 pounds.

10X100 Tpo Roll || How Much Does a 10 Ft Roll of Tpo Weigh

If you are in the market for a new roof, you may be wondering what your options are. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is TPO roll roofing. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at TPO roll roofing and discuss some of the benefits that it can offer.

TPO roll roofing is a type of single-ply membrane that is made from thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). This material is reinforced with fiberglass or polyester fabric and then bonded to a base layer of felt or plywood. TPO roll roofing is available in various thicknesses and widths to suit your needs.

One of the biggest benefits of TPO roll roofing is its durability. TPO can withstand high temperatures and UV radiation without deteriorating, making it an ideal choice for roofs in hot climates. Additionally, TPO is resistant to Tears, punctures, and chemicals, so it can stand up to even the most severe weather conditions.

Another advantage of TPO roll roofing is its flexibility. This material can be installed on roofs with slopes as low as 1/12, making it ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Additionally, because TPO expands and contracts with temperature changes, it helps to prevent cracks and leaks in the Roof membrane.

Finally, TPO roll roofing offers excellent reflectivity properties. This helps to keep your building cooler in the summer months by reflecting heat away from the surface of the Roof.

Tpo Roll Sizes

There are a variety of TPO roll sizes available on the market today. The most common size is 4 feet wide by 100 feet long. Other sizes include 6 feet wide by 100 feet long, 8 feet wide by 100 feet long, and 10 feet wide by 100 feet long.

There are also specialty sizes such as 12 feet wide by 100 feet long and 14 feet wide by 100 feet long. The width of the rolls is important to consider when selecting the right size for your project. The wider the roll, the more material you will have to work with.

However, wider rolls can be more difficult to maneuver and may require two people to install them. The length of the rolls is also an important consideration. Longer rolls will cover more area but may be more difficult to transport and install.

Shorter rolls may be easier to work with but will not cover as much ground. When selecting a TPO roll size, it is important to consider the width and length of the area you need to cover. Wider and longer rolls may be more expensive but will save you time and money in the long run.

Tpo Roll Sizes

Tpo Roll Price

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60 Mil Tpo for Sale

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60 mil TPO for sale is an opportunity that should not be missed. This product is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable, yet affordable way to protect their investment. 60 mil TPO is a great choice for anyone in the market for a new roofing system, as it provides superior protection against the elements.

Not only will this product keep your home or business safe from the sun and rain, but it will also resist wind damage and stand up to fire better than most other roofing systems on the market today.

Tpo Rolls for Sale

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60 Mil Tpo Thickness

There are many different types of commercial roofing, but 60 mil TPO is one of the most popular. This system is composed of a membrane that is applied directly to the roof deck and then covered with a protective layer. The membrane is made of polyethylene, which is a strong and durable material.

It is also UV resistant, so it will not fade or break down over time from exposure to sunlight. This system can be installed on both flat and sloped roofs, making it a versatile option for businesses. One of the biggest advantages of 60 mil TPO roofing is that it is very easy to repair if it ever becomes damaged.

If a small section needs to be replaced, the entire membrane does not need to be removed – just the damaged portion can be patched quickly and easily. This makes repairs much less disruptive than with other types of commercial roofing systems.

How Heavy is a Roll of Tpo Roofing?

TPO roofing is a single-ply membrane made from polyolefin plastic. It typically comes in white, gray, or black and is sold in rolls that are around 100 feet (30.5 meters) long and 6 feet (1.83 meters) wide. One roll of TPO roofing weighs approximately 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms).

How Big is a Roll of Tpo?

TPO roofing is a single-ply membrane made from synthetic rubber or thermoplastic polyolefin. It is available in rolls that are either 6 feet or 12 feet wide. The length of the roll will vary, depending on the manufacturer, but most TPO rolls are about 100 feet long.

That means that a single roll of TPO roofing material will cover an area of 600 square feet (6 ft x 100 ft) or 1,200 square feet (12 ft x 100 ft).

How Much Does It Cost for a Roll of Tpo?

If you’re looking for an estimate on the cost of a roll of TPO, material prices can range from $0.50 to $2.50 per square foot. That said, your total costs will also be affected by the size and complexity of your project. For example, a small roof replacement might only require one or two rolls of TPO, while a large commercial project could use dozens.

Installation costs can also vary significantly depending on the size and scope of the project.

Can You Walk on Tpo Roofing?

Most TPO roofing systems are designed to be walked on, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, always check with the manufacturer to see if walking on the roof is allowed. Second, make sure you’re wearing the proper footwear.

Third, take care when walking around any protrusions or sharp objects. And fourth, avoid walking on the roof during extreme weather conditions.


Assuming you are referring to a 10-foot roll of TPO roofing membrane, most manufacturers produce these rolls in two widths – 39.37 inches or 48.03 inches. The average weight of a 39.37-inch wide roll is approximately 165 pounds while the average weight of a 48.03-inch wide roll is approximately 200 pounds.

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