How Far Can a 70 Lb Compound Bow Shoot

A compound bow is a type of bow that uses a system of pulleys and cables to bend the limbs, making it much easier to draw the string back and hold it for a longer period of time. This makes them ideal for hunting, as you can take a more powerful shot without tiring yourself out too much. A 70 lb compound bow will shoot further than most people can accurately shoot with any other type of bow.

The world record for the longest accurate shot with a compound bow is 1,374 yards, or just over 1 mile!

In general, a 70 lb compound bow can shoot an arrow up to about 300 yards. However, this range will vary depending on the specific bow, the type of arrows being used, and the skill level of the shooter. A beginner may only be able to shoot an arrow 150 yards with a 70 lb compound bow, while an experienced shooter could potentially exceed 300 yards.

How Far Can a 70 Lb Compound Bow Shoot


Is 70 Lb Draw Too Much?

No, 70 lb draw is not too much. In fact, it is just right for most adult archers. Here’s why:

The vast majority of adult male archers will be able to comfortably draw a 70 lb bow. If you are an adult female or a junior male, you may find that a 60 lb bow suits you better. But for the average adult male archer, a 70 lb bow is just about perfect.

Why is this? Well, first of all, let’s look at the strength of your arms and back muscles. The average man has enough muscle mass to comfortably draw a 70 lb bow without strain or difficulty.

So if you can do it without breaking a sweat, then go ahead and give it a try! Secondly, consider the weight of the arrows you’ll be shooting. Heavier arrows require more energy to propel them forward, so they will actually benefit from being shot from a heavier bow.

A 70 lb bow will send your arrows flying with plenty of power and accuracy – perfect for hunting or target practice. So if you’re wondering whether 70 lb draw is too much – don’t worry, it isn’t! Give it a go and see how you get on.

How Fast Does a 70Lb Bow Shoot?

Assuming you are talking about a 70 lb draw weight bow, the answer is it depends. If you are shooting a crossbow, the speed is going to be slower than if you are shooting a compound bow. The type of arrows you are using will also affect the speed.

Heavier arrows will travel slower than lighter arrows. Generally speaking, a 70 lb crossbow will shoot between 275-300 fps and a compound bow will shoot between 300-325 fps.

What Grain Do You Need to Shoot Arrow Out of 70 Lb Pull Bow?

Assuming you are talking about a 70 pound draw weight bow, the type of arrow you need to shoot out of it will vary based on a few different factors. The first is the weight of the arrow itself. Heavier arrows will require a stiffer spine, or more support, in order to avoid bending when shot from a high-poundage bow.

They will also fly slower and lose energy faster than lighter arrows. So if you are looking for speed and accuracy, you will want to go with a lighter arrow. The second factor is the length of the arrow.

Shorter arrows are easier to control but can be less stable in flight than longer arrows. They also tend to have less penetration power than longer arrows. So if you are looking for penetration power, you will want to go with a longer arrow.

The last factor is the type of point you are using on your arrow. Heavier points, like broadheads, require more support from the shaft of the arrow in order to stay straight on impact and penetrate deeply into targets. If you are using a lighter point, like a field point or Judo point, then you can get away with a less stiff spine and shorter length without sacrificing accuracy or penetration power.

How Many Grain Arrows Do I Need for a 70 Pound Bow?

If you’re shooting a 70-pound bow, you’ll need grain arrows. The number of grains will depend on the type of arrowhead you’re using. For instance, if you’re using a field point, you’ll need 800 grains.

If you’re using a broadhead, you’ll need 1,000 grains.

How Far can Arrows fly using Modern Bows?

How Far Can a 60 Pound Bow Shoot

If you’re a bow hunter, or even if you just like to target shoot for fun, you might be wondering how far a 60 pound bow can shoot. The answer may surprise you. A 60 pound bow is actually quite powerful and can shoot an arrow a very long distance.

Of course, the exact distance will depend on a few factors, such as the type of arrow being used and the weight of the draw. But in general, a 60 pound bow can shoot an arrow between 200 and 300 yards with ease. And if you’re using a lighter weight arrow, or if you have a particularly strong draw, you could even exceed those distances.

So if you’re looking for a powerful bow that can shoot arrows a long way, then look no further than a 60 pounder. You’ll be surprised at just how far it can send your arrows flying.

How Far Can a 55 Lb Compound Bow Shoot

A lot of people ask me how far can a 55 lb compound bow shoot? The answer is…it depends. If you are shooting an arrow that weighs 400 grains, your bow will be able to shoot it about 260 fps.

But if you are shooting an arrow that only weighs 300 grains, your bow will be able to shoot it about 290 fps. So as you can see, the weight of the arrow has a big impact on how fast your bow can shoot it.

How Far Can a Compound Bow Shoot

A compound bow is a bow that uses pulleys and cables to bend the limbs, storing more energy than a traditional recurve or longbow. This makes compound bows much more powerful, and they can shoot arrows at speeds of up to 300 feet per second. However, this also means that they are more difficult to use, and require more practice to master.

So, how far can a compound bow shoot? Well, it depends on the skill of the shooter and the weight of the arrow. Generally speaking, a heavier arrow will travel further than a lighter one, but experienced shooters can get amazing distances out of even the lightest arrows.

In terms of actual numbers, most shooters can expect to get around 150-200 yards out of their compound bows. However, there are always exceptions, and some people have been known to get much further – one report claims that an experienced shooter once hit a target at just over 400 yards! Of course, distance isn’t everything when it comes to shooting – accuracy is important too.

A lot of factors can affect how accurate your shots are, including wind speed and direction, rain or snowfall, and even the type of arrow you’re using. So while hitting targets at great distances is impressive, it’s not always practical in real-world hunting situations. If you’re thinking about getting into archery – or if you’re just curious about what kind of range you can expect from a compound bow – then hopefully this article has given you some useful information.

Remember that practice makes perfect; the more time you spend shooting your bow, the better you’ll become at hitting targets at long range!

How Far Can a Bow Shoot in Meters

When it comes to bow shooting, there is no definitive answer as to how far a bow can shoot in meters. It really depends on the individual and the type of bow they are using. However, with that said, most bows can shoot anywhere from 20-100 meters.

The further someone is trying to shoot, the more difficult it becomes, so 100 meters would be considered pretty good range. If you are just starting out or are not particularly interested in long-range shooting, then 20-50 meters is probably more realistic for you.


If you’re new to archery, you might be wondering how far a 70 lb compound bow can shoot. The answer depends on a few factors, such as the type of arrows you’re using, the weight of the arrows, and your own strength and shooting style. Generally speaking, a 70 lb compound bow can shoot anywhere from 20 to 40 yards.

With proper practice and technique, some archers have been known to shoot even further!