How Big is a Tiger Penis

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The tiger is one of the largest members of the cat family, and its penis is correspondingly large. The average length of a tiger penis is about 16 inches (40 cm), with a width of 2.4 inches (6 cm). However, there have been reports of tigers with much larger genitalia.

In one case, a tiger’s penis was reported to be 3 feet long (90 cm)! Needless to say, such a large appendage would be quite cumbersome for the animal, and it’s doubtful that any tiger could actually put it to good use.

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Comparison Penis length in different Animals

A tiger’s penis can be up to three feet long and is as thick as a man’s arm. The average tigers penis size is about two feet. The biggest recorded tiger penis was four and a half feet long!

Can Tigers Get Erect?

Yes, tigers can get erect. Male tigers have a penis that is about two feet long and they also have testicles. When a tiger gets excited, his penis will become erect and he will start to urinate.

The urine contains chemicals that help the tiger to attract females.

What are Tiger Parts Used For?

There are a variety of different tiger parts that are used for a variety of purposes. The most common use for tiger parts is in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM, tiger parts are used to treat a wide range of ailments including: colds, flu, headaches, fevers, malaria, rheumatism and more.

Tiger parts are also used in other forms of alternative medicine such as Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine. Other uses for tiger parts include: making jewelry, dagger handles, decorations and taxidermy. Some people believe that wearing or owning products made from tigers can bring good luck or protection from harm.


A tiger’s penis is, on average, about 12 inches long. However, tigers can range in size from 8 to 10 feet long and weigh up to 660 pounds, so their penises can vary quite a bit in size. The largest recorded tiger penis was 18 inches long.