How Big is 11 Inches

In the United States, the average penis size is six inches. In Europe, the average is five and a half inches. So, how big is 11 inches?

That’s more than twice the average! If you have an 11-inch penis, congratulations—you’re in the one percent of men who do.

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11 inches is a pretty big size. It’s bigger than most phones and smaller tablets, and about the same size as a sheet of paper. That said, it’s not huge, and it’s certainly not the biggest size out there.

If you’re looking for something bigger, you’ll have to go up to a larger tablet or even a laptop.

How Much 11 Inches in Feet?

11 inches is equal to 0.9167 feet. To convert 11 inches into feet, divide 11 by 12. This will give you the decimal answer of 0.9167, which when rounded to the nearest hundredth equals 0.92 feet.

How Many Cm Means 11 Inches?

One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters, so 11 inches is equal to 27.94 centimeters.

How Many Inches is a Person 5 11?

A person who is 5’11” is approximately 180.34 cm, or 70.86 inches tall.


When it comes to size, 11 inches is pretty big. But how does it compare to other things? Here’s a look at some things that are around the same size as 11 inches.